Wojciech Szczesny


Just noticed this out of the players. He’s not left yet :wink: @Bl1nk


£14m seems way too cheap a deal to me


Yeah that’s like equal to getting 5 mill if it was 2012, Chelsea would probably extract 30 mill for him.





I honestly feel the people who want to bring him back to replace Cech this season have done their best to completely wipe those events from their memory.

The kid was pure walking hubris, a calamity more often than not. Getting rid of him was the one of the best moves this club has made in a long time and I just hope we see him - and a few other like minded players - off the books entirely.


Watching that Szczesny loved giving a penalty away didn’t he?! fucking hell :joy:


Yeah but at least he saved them on occasions too. Cech hasn’t saved any for us.


I’d be more than willing to give Woj a chance to prove his himself.

His actual goalkeeping ability was never in doubt. Main issues were his football IQ and maturity. I’m convinced we’d be getting a better goalkeeper on all fronts if he does come back.

Cech himself has hardly been convincing last season. He’s shown clear signs of decline. He wasn’t good enough for Chelsea 3 years ago but he’s still our #1 now? I’m sure he’d be binned by now under any other manager other than Wenger


I can’t remember him saving too many of those penalties he received with a red card.


Also, other than for how long he’s starting for us now, him being a Chelsea legend kind of bugs me if I’m being honest.



Feel like we’re getting a bad deal there…

30 year old Begovic moved for more…


We supported Woj and suffered through all of his mistakes so that when he reached his peak we could sell him for peanuts? :unamused:

£8m is an insult unless we’re getting Dybala as part of that deal…


If that figure is true, we truly have idiots running the club.


8m must mean we either have no one else willing to buy him or Woj refuses to go anywhere but Juve. We have to take it rather than zero next season.


Agreed. If that’s all that’s on the table we have to take it, sadly.


Just want to get rid of him.


Maybe Wenger just doesn’t want him back.

Cause he’s shit.


And probably still has the smoking in the shower thing in the back of his mind. Wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger made up his mind about Woj’s future that day tbh.