Wojciech Szczesny


Ospina has wanted to leave for a while now, doesn’t want to be number 2 anymore


The solution here is to bin Cech and give the starting spot to Woj along with a big long term contract. Maddness to let him go for peanuts



4 - 5 million :expressionless:


We’ve done it to other clubs enough times.

Shoe is on the other foot now :wenger:


Should be squarely told to go fuck themselves.


Juve have got history for this kind of thing – remember when they bid £8m for a peak RVP? Don’t know what they’re smoking over in Turin but they can do one!


If only we’d accepted that £8m. :santi: I might still be able to look back on some of the goals he scored and feel anything but bitterness.

£24m…sold the title to Man Utd. :facepalm:


Wouldn’t it be better if we actually you know, kept him? He only had 1 good year left anyway. We might have won the title with RVP and Cazorla


Absolutely…But RvP and his agent knew what they were doing. Once that statement went out his departure was all but guaranteed. Just became a matter of who’d cough up the most. I doubt Wenger would’ve entertained the idea for even a second of keeping a player who so adamantly wanted out.


If the club showed any backbone at all, they would have made an example of RVP. Make a statement like that and you’ll rot on the bench for the last year of your contract. It would only take one time, but players and agents would learn quickly not to fuck with us. However we are pushovers so we continue to get fucked with.


Maybe he should of, same with Cesc. Do what Levy did with Bale and Modric, make them stay. The only problem is if they down tools like Costa, which is a risk. Cesc was rumoured to have gone on strike but how long would that last?


Dortmund did it with Lewandowski and it got them nothing. Would have been the same with us tbh.


RVP only had 1 elite season when he left though so at least United wouldn’t have won a league from it if we kept him for the remainder of his contract.


It was 2 (1.5) seasons with the first being a little injury ridden. And well, they would have just gotten someone else and won the league that way. It wouldn’t have made a major difference to our season.


It’s still a slap in the face, and the optics on that deal were terrible. Not only did we sell one of our most hated clubs our best player, but they ripped us off in the process, and then to rub salt in the wounds he scores 30 goals and wins them the league. Sure they might have won anyways, and sure RVP might have just joined them for free and won them a league regardless. But I’d have liked the club to at least resist getting raped in the “thank you sir may I have another” fashion.


Wonder if Juve will now move for Donnarumma, instead of Woj.


Wold make sense, a lot more than thinking that Szczesny was going to be some kind of natural successor to Buffon.


Or they want both. That makes the most sense imo.


i always thought they were moving for both anyway.