Winter Sports -Skiing, Boarding etc


I love my skiing so decided to make my first thread on new OA.

Anything to do with sliding about on snow (or ice, I suppose) goes here.

I’ll start- just bit the bullet and booked a week’s skiing in Italy for Xmas despite early season snow fears- looks good so far across the Alps though. Now addicted to webcams and have a severe case of gear acquisition syndrome.

Also enjoyed the first slalom race of the season a couple of weeks ago at Solden but for me things don’t start properly until the downhills arrive.

So, any other ‘winter fans’ out there?


Poor Dennis, this thread got somewhat neglated, but not to worry, I’ll get the ball rolling :smiley:

I really like the Winter sports. When it comes to the Olympics, I prefer the Winter one more than the Summer ones, as it tends to be more extreme, on the edge.

As for non Olympic times, I really enjoy Skiing, especially Super-G and Downhill like yourself @DennisTheGod . I wouldn’t say I watch all the races, more casually dip in and out, but absolute respect what they do.

Even the cross country skiing can be pretty fun sometimes, Biathlon etc. Skeleton and Luge all pretty mad.


I’ve been looking at getting into snowboarding since there’s a supposedly decent dry slope 15-20mins from me but don’t know if I want to take the plunge on a sport that’ll effectively turn into me going down the same slope every week forever. I’m worried it might get boring? :confused:


Love skiing. Only started around 4 years ago when we visited my wife’s parents for the fi4st time in Norway. Took to it like a duck to water. Now I ski every season as I live about an hours drive a2ay from two of the biggest ski resorts in South Western Norway. We had our first snowfall around the end of October and it’s currently at 40-80cm.


@Mysty - cheers for taking pity on my thread. It was pretty much the same story on the old site where it was named something like ‘Fans of the White Stuff’. In fairness I got a few replies, but only from members who rather liked charlie! Tells you everything you need to know about OA really! Then again I appreciate that skiing has a bit of an elitist reputation and concede that I’m proper posh- I once ate a doner kebab with a knife and fork- need I say more?

@Craigie - I am pretty biased, but I say do it without question. Or at least try a couple of lessons. Dry slopes are fine for what they are but they’re only really a first step. That’s not to say you can’t have fun on them (I spent many a school summer holiday on my local dry slope)…but it hurts when you fall, even at relatively low speed so most people get the very basics down and then move on to snow. (There’s always the fridge (snow dome) option as intermediary step before committing to a holiday in the mountians, but they’re quite short as well, and get expensive.) However, if you do get on with boarding on the dry slope (though IMO skiing is much better- yeah, I only fucking said it!), you’ll have a hobby for life, because it’s so much better on snow- faster, grippier and it flies up in the air when you turn and looks really cool. For me there’s no other sensation like it. Just being in such spectacular scenery and being able to go as fast as you want with the merest of leans. I’d take a winter holiday over a summer one every time. But as I say, the snow bug has me, so I’m properly biased.

Fuck yeah, my thread is flying!


Pretty jealous of being 2 hrs drive away from a resort. I’m on the South coast so annoyingly equidistant to the Alps and Scotland. Guess which one I go for!! I would love to try something different and have often thought about Norway, Finland etc but it works out very expensively compared to my cheap and cheerful Alps holidays.

As mentioned above, I’m off to Italy for Xmas- something like 140cm fell last week. Here’s a webcam image from yesterday of a cafe terrace at the mid station. Looks alright!


Wow that is a lot and I thought we were doing so well :joy:

It’s is expensive to come here as a tourist but as a person living here it’s quite inexpensive to get set up with ski gear and then a season ticket I’d around the £400 mark. I do intent to try skiing outside of Norway as whikst we get guaranteed snow every year most of the resorts are non where.near the size of the European ones so it can get a little tedious if you’re out all day. But we also do a lot of cross country (langrenn ski) skiing aswell which is fun and very good for fitness. Japan is at the top of my ski list but probably won’t be until 2018.