Willian (12)

Willian wasn’t even that bad. Partey was by far the worst player on the pitch.

Willian would have worked better with Tierney at LB. Having two right footed players on the left was always gonna be hard given how we’re used to our full backs overlapping and whipping in crosses.

I think the main reason he picked Willian yesterday was to utilize him in set-pieces and he did a good job at them. Put some good balls in that caused a bit of havoc. Holding and Gabriel had some good openings to score out of them.

He really should be 4th choice LW, 4th choice RW and 4th choice ten


Get him gone this summer :grin:

He has been playing well recently to be fair.
I don’t mind him in his current role.

First leg he was hot garbage. When else has he played well? Only remember Leicester from a couple months ago


Hot garbage is unfair.
I think he did the job he was asked well. Arteta to blame for getting it all wrong with his tactics.
Against Benfica he made the difference in the second leg. He was also very good against Olympiacos in the first leg.

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Saka and Auba made the difference in the Benfica 2nd leg from memory. Surely you aren’t talking about the basic pass to Tierney before the rocket finish?

Yeah Arteta’s fault for actively signing him and continuing to give him minutes, can’t argue with that

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Great game from him today. More of that until his contract has finished.


Doesn’t sound like a player interested in money at all to me


Him and his boy Kia, leeching off the club for years to come with agent fees :weary::grin:

  • Plans to see out contract as wants to win trophies with Arsenal

Blatantly obvious, thanks Edu. You’re next.

He’s approaching parody levels of tone deafness for me.

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Good fucking luck. :joy:

As a player, or as a “player”??

We were chasing a goal and the idiot brings fucking WIllian on, he hasn’t score in the whole season and even at his peak he wasn’t a good scorer.


Who did you want him to bring on instead then?

Our unused subs were 2 goalkeepers and this lot:

I guess we could have brought Eddie on before Willian. But he is as useful as a chocolate teapot as well.

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Don’t bring on anyone.
Last meaningful game of the season, Keep Auba on for last 5-10 mins.
If he dies, he dies


He brought him on as a wingback in place of Tierney who wasn’t fit.


Oh I thought Willian came on for Auba