Willian (12)

Maybe it was the case of just being one of Pep’s coach’s and he had time to do these otherwise menial things when Pep was handling the larger scale operations.

It’s still mental to see how clammed up he’s getting without showing a glimmer of hope or willingness to just totally flip structure he’s use to deploying.


Most likely, Arteta was assigned to that role, and he was the one that young players should approach if additional sessions was needed.

Was it because Arteta was a great youth coach and would benefit Sane or Sterling? I highly doubt.

It isn’t either or.
Both acts should be punished.

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Why do I feel like I see quotes from him like this near enough weekly?! Is Kia handling his PR?

God I’m so depressed thinking about how long he’s going to be here. :gabriel:


It is sad, but I really hope that Arteta leaves before he does.

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I can’t see Arteta leaving this year unless things get really ugly, which is still very possible.

There’s no way we can sell Willian and I think it’s way more likely Arteta gets fired next season after we spend money on Boateng, Eriksen and Oscar.

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I wanna say I got this one wrong and we never should have signed him but I also wanna say that every single player that goes past the half way line looks shit under Arteta


He has some use but it was a nonsense tie a player down on a 3 year deal knowing his past days are behind him.

If you couldn’t get it done on a 1+1 you should have left the table. Poor business and negotiations

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The way we act like we’re desperate in giving these guys 3 plus years is embarrassing from a negotiating point of view.

Where was Willian going? Cedric?

Ineptness knows no bounds.


I think on Cedric and Willian deals, the Raul/Edu was played by Kia.

I don’t know why they got sucked into poor deals, maybe they were expecting something on the back end for the club ? Or was it incompetence/laziness?

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Well Mr. Big Brain wanted him soooooo bad. I don’t think Pepe has been good enough but ostensibly starting a rebuild by signing a washed up player from your rivals in the same position as one of the few guys entering his prime years is ridiculous.

Edit: @sevchenko I think you might be onto something. The Kia/Raul pipeline might have been an implicit understanding that Arsenal eats some of Kia’s shit clients for a big before they move to China or Brazil but when the next hotshit prospect comes through, they sign for Arsenal when they make the jump to Europe.

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Rewarded with another start :heart:.

At this point I would prefer Nelson over this waste.


Gotta love as soon as we get rid of Mkhitaryan this guy comes right in.

We’re just never going to get it right aren’t we.


Fckn waste of space

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I actually think this has been one of his better games.
(Far from saying he’s playing well, but at least he’s created a few chances)

Went into this eyes wide open after being burnt multiple time before

3 year contract, smh. I just can’t forgive stupid transactions


Pair him with Napoleon for what its worth. What happened to Wellington.

Saka’s been worse imo