Willian (12)

Lmaooo Arteta and that culture tho , can’t believe y’all fell for this shyster, but even more appalling is that our club hired another dood who is gonna take advantage of this club. Something is rotten, I guess when u have an owner who doesn’t really take an interest you are susceptible as a club for this kind of stuff to happen. The saying is true, when the cats away the mice will play.


Willian had obvious decline in his last season or two with Chelsea.
It was either a fucking wrong judgement and scouting, or like you said there is something rotten that we gave this SOB such a fat retirement contract.

Not so much the contract, its more that he’s allowed to act badly and no reprocussions, but Özil and Guendo do something wrong and they are ostracized.

They are probably repeated offender

That or if its one of Kia’s guys then they get away with murder. Seems like he’s playing favorites and the whole building a culture thing is bull shit.

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Aouar will unlock the team. Or something.


Yup, this us why a couple weeks back when the sentiments that Auba should be playing centrally were being made (which i agree with) I basically said it won’t matter because Arteta is aids. No matter who he plays or where he plays them, we are going to be shit. He can’t manage attacking football.

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I won’t go to that extreme.

There is a reason why people usually hire experienced ones.
For instance, the usual path for a retired (or semi-retired) player after the play days is, to get coaching license, start coaching youth/lower leagues, then moving up step by step, and then the big clubs.
Throughout the years, you will gain experience on how to coach, how to deal with people, how to handle different kinds of players and situations.

For Arteta, he started everything too soon and too easy.
To coach a group of intelligent players like Silva, De Bryune, Aguero is much more easier (to explain) and different from the group that Arsenal have. Just the execution portion, City players can do it miles better than us. Don’t tell me Elneny and Xhaka have better or the same understanding as the City players do.

As everything is reversed, Arteta has no experience and abilities to deal with the issues that he is facing at Arsenal.

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Raul has shafted us.

I’ve disagreed with you a fair few times about Arteta being a bit of a disciplinarian with certain players, and defended him on that point. So having had that article pop up on my feed I thought it right to share it as I basically agree with it.

I think if you are going down the “non negotiables” route (which I think there is some validity to given the shocking culture thats pervaded our squad at times) then you absolutely have to be consistent with it and make sure people are treated equally, otherwise it isn’t fair, and people won’t buy into what you’re doing because they feel that players are judged by different standards. I’m only a junior manager at work but one of the most obvious and basic things you know regardless of experience is that once you outline expectations and standards you have to apply them fairly to all your colleagues otherwise the whole thing falls apart and you won’t be respected or get the best out of these people.

So I’m willing to cede a bit more ground to you basically in terms of those disagreements we had, cos if these high, strict standards aren’t applied fairly then I’m not on board. Willian going abroad without permission, in contravention of the guidelines that have been set out during this pandemic, is not something that the manager should be letting players get away with, but particularly not if you’ve been a disciplinarian with others as Arteta has.

Plus the article trashed Willian for being consistently shite so I had to share it cos it aligns so perfectly with that particular agenda of mine :grin:


To compare mocking the manager and going out to get COVID, the latter one is far more serious because you can get a lot of people infected (or killed, even the death rate is low).

I really think Willian can be a useful player for us, I really do. But Arteta’s playing favourites is doing my head in. I’m praying this goes more the way of Sterling for Pepe but I honestly can’t see it happening. There seems zero harmony on and off the pitch at the moment. I kinda wish we could just bring Guendouzi back.

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The decline from last season to this is the worst Willian has had, all his key stats have basically halved at a minimum, successful dribbles per 90, passes in the final 3rd per 90 etc etc


How much of that is just shit coaching vs Willian regressing as a player?


Very hard to judge that at this point, my hunch is it’s a combination of both.


90% shit coaching


Agreed, everyone on our team looks tragic. Can’t be a coincidence. If u can stop Auba from scoring goals then u have the midas touch of ruining attacking players.


Yeah any manager that has the ability to make a world class forward like Aubameyang go 8 games without a goal from open play is probably a sackable offence alone.


Which is weird because Leroy Sane lauded Arteta for giving him individual sessions (iirc?) and improving his game. On that note, before Mikel stepped into the job, I was excited at the prospect of him working with the likes of Saka, Martinelli and Nelson and seeing him bring that same approach from City to develop our lads. Alas, the man cannot part with the safety rails and totally restricts any creative output these guys potentially have (and this eats into the more senior players of the squad; Willian/Auba).

Quite worrying.


At this point looks like it was all bollocks re the personal coaching.

Sterling said similar but the proof is in the pudding.