Willian (12)

Don’t wanna go by that Xg on this one mate
The anomaly too big.:slightly_smiling_face:

Just think if the vaccine has some inconsistencies over a period of time it’ll leave people midtable.

Anyways back onto Willian, what was he doing in Dubai ?

Well I need to know the benefits, and if I join do I get a gift pack?

I want a tote bag. We used to get those for making donations to public broadcasting.

Lol the restriction doesn’t even matter. Everybody has flown to Dubai, even I booked a holiday there for this month.

Dubai has such a low infection rate and you can’t fly out there without a negative test taken within 48 hours of your flight leaving so he’s probably not going to return with anything.

Anyway, he’s an idiot regardless.

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That’s a lot of effort just to go to the gym :smile:


Sounds like a weird cult.

Just please don’t murder some poor stats guy as a sacrifice.

What do you think happened to Burgundy

We don’t. We just force you to watch the match and have an opinion.:innocent:

Mainly the benefit is being smug and superior when pointing out that xG is bollocks. I guess you can do that without being in the alliance but where is the fun in that?

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Man I’m jealous you can just travel around as you please pretty much, I don’t reckon I’ll be able to leave Aus until 2022 at a minimum.

That would be insane. I love to travel, I’ve still managed to get away 5 times this year (3 before lockdown and 2 trips post lockdown).

It wasn’t the same post lockdown though so I’m hoping Dubai has that different energy. It looks perfect out there right now anyway.


Yeah I think I’ve been to Denmark more this year than any other year in my life, like 4 trips. Managed Paris twice back in Jan and Feb, so in a weird turn of events I’ve done more travel than I normally would under covid.

This Anti xG alliance is like OAs very own flat earth society.


But in this case there is no XG but people are believing it does exist.
So Pro XG are the flat earthers.


Yea, right, we’re the flat earthers…

They have “scored” expected goals :joy:


Game, set and match to the Alliance.


Bodes well for Brighton then, despite the table they simply won’t get relegated.

I’ll confidently predict them to finish above Sheffield United, West Brom, Fulham & Burnley.


They’ll get those crucial annual 6 points against us, anyway, in order to avoid relegation


That would seem to imply they actually haven’t scored their expected goals. Poor fellas, hopefully they don’t get disxcouraged, keep up the good work and win 6 out of the next 8 as the expected goals would imply they should of done