Willian (12)

This up there with playing Torreira as a #10


My man Xhaka playing the perfect ball for a CF to run onto. This is concerning tbh, if we don’t have our forwards making runs we’re going to be incredibly lethargic.

I think he put Willian there as a false 9 to somehow keep more possession but it was a disaster.

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Expected Arteta to make some dumb calls as he is still learning but playing Willian as a false 9 is just next level dumbness. Don’t want to see this again.



This hipster calls are really getting on my nerves.


Yeah just unnecessary over complication of the game. I’m tired of this weird thing Arteta does where he overloads our left flank too with Tierney, Saka/AMN and Auba all on the left when in possession.

Just play a simple 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 or something and be done with it already.


We sign Tierney because he was brilliant at LB for Celtic not only in the SPFL but the Champions League. Then Arteta just decides to play him at LCB because he’s a hipster. I’m tired of this lol.

Lets not forget he loves playing Kolasinac at CB aswell ffs


Ozil level laziness.

I defended this man to all the Chelsea fans I interacted with the past months.
Genuinely can’t stand the sight of him at the moment. Will be a Mkhi next season, we fucked up.


He is not even in his prime, but long over it, and we are doing some good charity here but fucking not willing to pay someone’s salary/bonus who in on the team for several years…

He had his best season last season.

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His best was a few years back when Chelsea was actually winning something.
Also, his best, is not the striker/false 9/central attacking midfield position.