Willian (12)

Sadly I missed the first match he supposedly played well. Didn’t see much from him tonight that would make me believe he’s gonna do anything to solve our issues.

Was hoping it would take longer than one game for these 27 likes to look funny.

This was a 100 posts ago Jakey. You must have had it bookmarked itching to refute it at the earliest opportunity. Tut tut your obbsession with likes is not healthy my dude :slightly_smiling_face:

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He did get a pre-assist. Just saying

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Hey! That doesn’t exist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s like Christmas Eve Eve

Whereas you really decided to bide your time, calling out haters after one game and two assists versus possibly the worst team in the league :bergkamp:

Or about a week, translated into a more conventional measurement of time.


That isn’t an OA measurement of time though. You must have had to scroll up loads.

Anyway, to be fair to Willian, very few had a good game last night. I think he’ll prove to be an astute buy given the test of time.

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I thought he was our only dangerous looking player bursting forward last night, he usually finds his man in space, it’s not his fault we kept fucking it up.

He wasn’t great, but our whole team was pretty meh tbf… chalk it up to a bad day and hope it doesn’t turn into a trend.

The more worrying thing is that it is more of a continuation of the awful football we played last year, along with being the xG gamblers.


See, I look at it differently, that’s the worst we have played under Arteta, yet we still scraped out a win, terrible performance, but good character shown… … Under Emery, we would have lost that game…

Poor guy was waiting for a runner into space to pass to. Alas, the move kept collapsing because Chunkz took too long to get there.

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Even sadder was when Laca was the one with the ball during the break. Poor bloke was so exhausted his passes we’re going out for throw ins and goal kicks.

He single handedly makes having pace on the counter obsolete.

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Chelsea have a lot of talent… weaknesses in defense and obv GK (looks like they are dealing with that), and a few key players injured.

I still think they have the 3rd best squad on paper… I’ll predict they struggle a bit first half but have 3rd best record second half of season.

That’s if some of the intangibles like squad chemistry works out. Lampard is going to be under massive pressure. I’ll be ready to savor the tears when they do.