William Saliba

LOL obviously not in this instance, but the potential is one of the problems in the current model. Imagine they buy 2 players, loan them out and that is the 1 or 2 point difference between them and Pool (Pool plays the teams with those 2 players and City plays those 2 teams without those players).


Yeah Chelsea pretty much done this when Lukaku went on loan to Everton.

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Why would City be interested in Saliba? Surely they need a CB this season as a replacement for Kompany?

With Courtois, De Bruyne, Salah, Zinchenko is a product of this etc. It’s on Arsenal however to offer a player like this perspective to make the choice for Arsenal.

Well, they’re in a perfect position to buy him now and send him back to Saint-Etienne atm. He’s not gonna be able and come in to challenge Laporte or Stones I think.

Shame this was the one signing I was potentially excited about, but that being the case I knew it was unlikely it would happen.


Please arsenal, I need this.

Manchester City will just buy him off us anyway I’d say in 2021

Evidence we are back!


$aliba boo him boooo!!

200m or fuck off :giroud2:

I think we can certainly rule out this being a vacation.


I’m hopeful on this one!