William Saliba (case closed)

They’ve been hired by gazidis so I have my doubts.

Hardly ever do u see a deal so close to the finish line and another team swoop in to scupper it. Only time in recent history that I remember was when Chelsea did it to spurs and stole Willian at the last second. Can anyone remember another example? I’m not worried, we’ll get him.


Malcom to Barcelona.

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Everyone involved should be sacked immediately if we lose this guy to those twats.

I will not be able to forgive this club.


It’s understandable. We’re a small club with limited means, it’s no surprise we lose out on important signings to larger and richer clubs.


Yeah we’re up against the Moral Victory Champions League 2019 winners ffs, of course we’ll lose out.


We are desperate for a CB but can only be bothered to get one for next season.
Our best CB and captain decides he seen enough and wants to leave, which means we need another defender.

Then to put the icing on the cake, spurs are trying to nick the player from under our noses.

This is what happens when you have a supporter who is also an owner, they will do everything they can to stop the other club gaining an advantage.
The problem for us, is that spurs are the club with an owner who is a supporter and we have an owner who still probably doesn’t know what a North London derby is.


We’re literally going to have Mustafi as a starting CB when we kick off at Newcastle. Even if we had used all of the funds we have this summer on CBs and Tierney (what the hell has happened there btw), it would be much better than what we’re going to end up with at this point.

This summer could go down in history as the worst of the Emirates era next to 2015 when we got Cech and didn’t sign an outfield player. It’s an absolute fucking shambles at the moment.


this has got nothing to do with the owner…does the owner sign the deals? No! He has left the money there to be spent it is up to Raul and Vinai to get this stuff sorted.

Owner hired them.


back to that lame argument again. he hired people that he felt are right for the job and Raul should be considering he was involved a lot at Barca it is up to them to prove their worth, they have got all they need now get on with it. You cant blame the owner for every single fuck up that happens at the club. You dont hear chavski fans complaining about the owner hiring manager after manager and changing backroom staff time after after time. You hire someone give them a chance if they dont work out onwards and upwards but this thing of ‘everything is down to the owner’ is a bunch of bollocks, things can happen no matter how well you think you have done. Look at Falcao great striker but bad buy for the EPL. Not everything is black and white.

There were just small rumors that we and the scum were interested, but in Malcoms case iirc he hadn’t agreed personal terms and the club’s weren’t in advanced stages.

Pretty sure he had a flight booked to Roma. I think they were going to sue Barca or something.


Gotcha wasn’t aware of the Roma thing 🖒

Arsenal matched Spurs’s offer, 30m€ excluding bonuses.

Spurs driving up the price on a guy they don’t really need. Pretty savvy.

I dunno about that. If the deal they agree still involves him staying put for another year, then it’s just forward thinking from them (hear that Arsenal? Forward thinking!) Alderweireld and Vertonghen are both out of contract next summer.

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That would be our forward thinking.
Signing Vertonghen and Alderweireld for free and throwing them both in as our starting CB pairing.

Yes life works 100% life that :xhaka:

I wasn’t actually suggesting that would be our transfer strategy.
Although it’s still better than the one we have.

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