William Saliba (case closed)

So is this fucker going to sign for us or those lilly white cunts?

just have to wait and see

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If he’s any good and got ambition- not us.

Ffs what in the fuck is the matter with you! So a talented player can and most likely will sign for us…suddenly we dont deserve them or wont get them or said player shows no ambition. Meanwhile though…we need top players if we are going to compete speeeeend kroenke spend…you dont even know what you want, and you call me a spuds fan, get a fucking grip you melt!

He’ll go to the Yids. Why on earth would he want to go to a team who’s ambition in getting into to the top 4 ?

Ive got a brain between my ears rather than shit.

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Clearly you dont

I don’t want to sound like a stroppy old slob (which I am anyway) but it’ll be hard to swallow Spurs breaking the bank for Ndombele and then following it up by gazumping us to our first signing of note this summer :joy:


Is Vinai the Indian Dick Law?


The reality is that moving to Chelsea is not only choosing for money for (at least) the last 10 years, but also a better ‘sporting’ move.

Just an Indian Dick


If we end up losing him that whole argument about leicester squad vs our squad will become more and more important.

Remember just a few years ago it was kinda a taboo comparing liverpool and tottenham squads to ours and stating their squads look brighter looking forward… "We have WORLD CLASS ozil and sanchez. Who they got? Average firmino, mane, eriksen… "…

Looking how leicester are doing their business recently, compared to ours, I could very much see them going ahead us in the near future just like tottenham and liverpool did.


Agreed, that’s what I’m saying.

Wait, I thought we had this wrapped up :joy: we’re actually going to lose out on this guy after expending so much effort and mental preparation that we weren’t signing a CB this season?

This fucking club.


These really are difficult times.

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Yep, very. And I’m afraid it will get worse.

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I’ll have a nice little meltdown if we lose out on him. We don’t know if we’ve fucked it yet.


Will be interesting to see whether the Spurs offer is to loan him back next season…If they are not offering this, we will get him! If that is part of their offer, it’s anyones guess!

I thought things were meant to change with the new team of strong men🤦🏾‍♂️.

If we let this get away from us this would cement our status as declining, and being below spurs.