William Saliba (2)

Of course we love the idea of Saliba. He is generational.


The time to do that was right after Timber got hurt tbf. But if he’s so wedded to this new formation that he was willing to play Kiwior instead of starting Zinchenko (assuming he could have started) then I think this is what he’s going to roll with until it’s absolutely clear it doesn’t work.


I don’t think Kiwior was simply selected over Zinchenko, think Zinchenko was always only gonna play a smaller part in the game due to returning from injury

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Yeah, that’s why I put that in parentheses. I’m assuming he wasn’t ready to play 60-70 minutes yesterday. The Tomiyasu red card obviously played a big role in team selection as well.

I love how the referee allowed them to take the freekick which led to that Traore situation quickly, but a few minutes before when we had a freekick and attempted to take quickly he pulled it back

Luv him, but what the fuck is he smoking before the games? some weird ass moments where he just fumbles around very unlike him.

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Had a bit of a shocker imho. Gabriel was much more solid today from my perspective.

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How many times did he slip today?

Rashford had both him and White on toast in the second half. Shame because in the first half, goal aside they were so assuring.

Excellent longread on our world-class CB.




Very quietly going about his business this season. What a player.

Easily the best CB in the PL right now.


People can talk down Raul all they want but he had his hand in securing this gem here

Gotta give him that

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Tbf if you focus on Beto more that was a pretty lame dribbling attempt.

Not taking anything from Saliba as he is fucking brilliant but what I saw of Beto and the fact he was working in KFC 4 years ago it shows, looked like a street footballer, at one point he was dribbling towards our box and he looked like he was going to fall over the ball.

Reminds of United Bebe… Pulled straight from the streets :rofl:

I’m such a dumb cunt :rofl: it was actually that dribble in the clip :person_facepalming:

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Ridiculous for his age. He has no right being that good for a young CB. Phenomenon.

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Noa Lang and co on siiiiiuicide watch after that sonning from Saliba

That was a massive performance. Some of his last ditch tackles and interceptions prevented so many dangerous situations.

Easily our best player on the pitch.


More of a rock than Dwayne. When he’s like this he is the best CB in the PL.

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