William Saliba (2)

Fucking hope that isn’t true. But yes the likelihood will be he’ll never get a chance here, once you’re done with Arteta you’re done.


Sell Saliba and retain Bald Holding

Makes perfect sense

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What I don’t understand about his situation is why?

He’s clearly still a prospect and we seem to be lacking those in defence and from what it seems, he’s been doing well out there.
Seems cou ter productive to sell and asset like this to then have to go out and buy another player in the same position?
Also, I think people forget, his mother died whilst here, understandably, an option was on the table to move “home”, was he wrong to take that? Don’t think so.

Hasn’t played a single minute of football for us but if he had you just know he would have been in that hated French gang and getting sold this summer anyway.

This is the main reason Arsenal should get out even and reinvest the money in a CB Arteta approves of.

Slap on sell on too cause he’s worth alot more than £30m

Much more reliable sources have stated we are waiting for Saliba to return and that he has part of the plans


Oh yea it’s just a certain person using it to fuel a certain agenda

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These rumours always start after a bad arsenal result

Can everyone at arsenal please make up their minds on the direction of this club. Thanks

they have it is just you are too impatient to see where it is going to. They have just tied down Arteta and that other guy and they have said it will be a big summer.

They probably just meant bigger days in the summer and, meteorigically, they wouldn’t be wrong (for once)

Lacazette leaving on a free, Pepe (French by birth) likely to be leaving on loan or otherwise, and questions marks surrounding Saliba’s future. Next season Arsenal could be without a French first-teamer for the first time since 1996.

If we don’t get CL football I’m not sure how big the summer can be ? We don’t exactly have the pull of a Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United.

IMO we need to be in the top tier competition to have a hope of obtaining top tier talent and even then if other top clubs are interested we likely have no chance.

Will be interesting to see, no French, no Italian, and no German (Leno leaving)

Arteta knows British talent is the :old_key:

City and Liverpool and Chelsea do not agree

This has always been tough for us. I can only ever think of Lupoli, Ron.

Long time ago…
Actually there were a few good Italians after WC but we passed on again

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I don’t think top Italian players leave Italy often. Outside of Verratti and Donnarumma at PSG - most top Italian talent have stayed in Italy so I’m not surprised we’ve never signed one

Aquilani is the type of Italian talent that comes to England lmao


I think part of the reason you don’t see many Italian’s in the PL is when coming through the ranks they are used to a different tempo and tactically their game is different.
Also it’s not such a physical game as it used to be in Italy, and culturally Italian players like their family around them and not all want to go to England.
Im sure a lot of players consider these things, I’m sure not all of them see a bigger wage packet


Congrats to the Ligue 1 Young Player of the Season.
Price of the brick going up.