William Saliba (2)

Meh, who gives a fuck what Henry has to say?

Yeah, I get why we want to only hear positives from him, he was a real workhorse for us in his time here as a player and I think a lot of fans related to his socks up, gritty, working-class style of play but despite this, he is just another guy with an opinion these days.


Why would there be anything concrete though? The season is still in motion and he hasn’t come back to the club to be assessed yet.

In hindsight I think Arteta got it right with Saliba. He’s very naive and by all accounts he’s made plenty of mistakes this season at Marseille.

We can assess him this summer and see if he’s the right fit for the club and can assume the role of third choice CB

Most people who rated Saliba and pined for him to play games had rarely seen him play (me included)


Think that goes for all of us tbf.

I believe the price tag gave it a Pepe feel (“he’s expensive, he must be good, let’s see how he plays”, etc)

Defence doesn’t seem to be a problem, per se. Gabriel and White are doing a job. Holding is doing a stellar job when he steps in. We’re not conceding many, bar that shit show against Palace.

If defence was a problem, we’d be heralding the return of the prodigal son Saliba, that’s for sure.


This has been dragging on for ever. Bring him in, let’s see what we’ve got here for fuck sake.


It doesn’t matter what anyone says about Saliba really, I’ve never seen him as our player, he’s never played for us.
If he goes he goes, you don’t miss what you never had, if he says fine.


One thing I can say for damn sure is I’d rather have him at the club than Pablo Mari


That’s bollocks, you wouldn’t be saying that if it was Haaland we had out on loan.

I don’t understand the attitude that paying a big fee for a ‘new’ player is somehow better than utilising a player out on loan that would cost us nothing more. Especially when he’s not going to command a big fee even if we did sell him, before taking into account agent fees on 2 deals, a signing on fee, and wasted time we could be dedicating to signing players for other positions.

If you’re going to say it’s because you don’t think he’s good enough for us that’s your opinion which you’re entitled to, (and I’d respectfully disagree with), but that’s not your argument

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The Haaland scenario doesn’t work on this though really.

Strong reasoning

How did you manage to turn everything I said into something that isn’t my argument?
Dunno what Haaland got to do with it, my personal view is exactly how I see it, we paid well over the odds for some kid who couldn’t get into our squad and hasn’t played for us and doesn’t seem too enamoured in coming back, so what’s to miss?
Nothing I said states whether he is good enough for us. So if you think my own opinion is bollocks I don’t give a fuck really

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You’re saying you’d rather sell one of our players just so we can go out into the market to get a similar level replacement for higher overall cost and effort. Your argument is not that he is isn’t good enough, so my argument is what’s the benefit in getting rid?


Mate you need to learn to understand what the post says before turning it into your own argument, nothing here I said I want to get rid or replace.
If he stays or goes it doesn’t matter to me because so far he hasn’t made us a better or worse team because he hasn’t played a game for us. I can’t make it any easier really.

Whether you say you actively want to get rid, or don’t care whether he stays or goes, it’s saying the same negative thing about to him, just to a lesser extent.

Why does it make any difference whether he’s played for us yet or not, it’s whether he would be good for us if/when he did become part of the squad

It’s very nice of you to tell me how my words should be interpreted and how I should think, next time I need to make a comment on a player I’ll give you the heads up so you can teach me how to say something so it fits how you want me to say it.

You’re entitled to your opinion, just as I’m entitled to my own thoughts on that opinion. Not sure what the point of this forum is if that’s not the case

We rate biscuits


And Baklava.


Just when ya think that Arteta couldn’t have any more fragile of an ego, the petty scrub shitter proves you wrong :joy::joy::woozy_face::woozy_face: imagine a grown man having beef with a bunch of kids lmaooooo :joy::joy::joy:

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Can’t comment till this is proved to be true.

If yes, sucks… 30m… definitely worth more than that.
WTF we need to get rid of our own players in discount price??
How urgent we are, to get the 30m?

The guy you’re referencing is a nobody that makes up rumours.