William Saliba (12)

How do you know he rates starting ahead of winning big?
May be a big pay check and a role of rotation and better chance of winning are what he wants?

So you’re suggesting that a CL team would be willing to offer more than us for him to start on the bench. What teams are you thinking of?

All I just want to say is, don’t be so certain.
Not just in football.

I get that, but it is a genuine question…in terms of a contract offer, what team would he chose over us where he is likely to start or what team would offer him a better deal where he would start on the bench/used in rotation?

What deal are we giving him anyway??
It is not like we are offering him mega deal around 250-300k
Are we going to pay him more than Saka?

150k range, a lot of teams can do that.

He wouldn’t be anywhere near Saka’s salary. I would imagine you are talking £100K+ to match some of the other defenders.

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That may be a reason…

We keep saying that he is replaceable and he doesn’t with that much.
Unfortunately we did not help ourselves much by playing piss poor in the last few weeks and conceding goals for fun.

He showed his importance and value, and he/his agent has the leverage over us.

In this day and age he’s in for a massive payday as any potential suitors will be willing to pay him a signing on fee comparative to what they would have to pay in a transfer fee. He’ll have all these agents/friends/family in his ear saying this and that.


Martinelli and Saka done.

Saliba next please. Would be massive to sign him up for another 4+ years.


Simply has to happen for me to believe the project will result in us winning a league title in the next 2-3 years.


We will. I’m confident of that now. I think after this summer we are going to really push on next season. Saliba is going to sign as well.

A new contract will help that back out big time. Perfect tonic for a bad back I always say, a new contract at Arsenal. It’s why my back is fucked, I’ve never had a new contract at Arsenal to sort it out


Certainly very badly missed and it proves just how important the defence is during a long season. We must get his signed up with a long term contract. Get it done , now !


Agent Fabio and Gabriel.







Dobbo sounds like a supermarket but I will take it


There’s some very positive emoji imagery there.

The green tick and handshake emojis in particular are telling me to trust Dobbo with all my heart. Dobbo sounds like a great man. I’d die for Dobbo. Dobbo


“in line with the recent contract awarded to Bukayo”…

Saliba’s great, make no mistake about it.

But he hasn’t done anything to earn anywhere near what Saka’s earning.

If it’s just to stop Man City, Real or PSG from snooping then I’m game.

But I fear we may be entering into another period where we have a ton of players on huge wages, which cost us dearly till recently.

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