William Saliba (12)

If we play him tomorrow wouldn’t he have to go away with France after the match? Much easier to sit him and have him withdraw from the squad due to injury right?

Yeah, let’s wait for the official word on this. No tilting at windmills, etc.

If true, this is disastrous

The double hit with Tomiyasu means we can’t even move Ben White back to CB.

He probably was playing with a niggle, that flared up against Sporting, and they thought why not just use the international break to let him recover completely.

Might be time to bring Reuell Walters into the first team squad anyway. He’s looking a promising prospect and could do a job giving White a rest when matches are safe.

Having a similar injury crisis in my Football Manager on my own run-in with no available left backs, Saliba and White out, can’t use Saka at LB because Trossard and Vieira are also out. Luckily I snapped up Max Aarons for £20m during the world cup and he’s turned out pretty decent.

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He’s needed more for Arsenal than France seeing as he’ll only be sitting on the bench for them aggravating his discomfort, he can always lie after the game today.
Besides my post was mainly made in jest I’ll wait for the official update rather than some news from a hotel stalker.


Wheatley better be right


Isnt he the fraud who reported that Partey was on the plane and he wasnt?

Either way i fully expect to extend the contract of this Eiffel Tower of a centerback !


Tomi and Saliba both had scans. We heard about Tomi but nothing on Saliba.

I think Saliba is just fine but Arteta wants to keep cards close to his chest.


He wants him out of these French games I think

Give him a good rest

Is he likely to start anyway? Didn’t get much of a sniff at the world cup.

If it means he hasnt got to travel and instead can go into Colney everyday its gotta be better than he being away with their NT


Tbh, considering his situation with France, I doubt Saliba would withdraw if there wasn’t a genuine injury concern. It’s a new era for France. Lloris and Varane gone, it was an opportunity for Saliba to make his mark here. As much as I think he cares about Arsenal, he probably cares as much if not more about his national team.



When the fuck are we going to get an update on his injury?

Don’t the club realise they are causing hypertension on a global bastard scale?

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When he is named in the starting 11 against Leeds


Seems appropriate.

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That’s a great montage. Not only for Saliba’s showreel, but also the music and how it segues into the fan’s Saliba chant.

Really, the only thing it’s missing is Thomas Frank… “ooof!”