William Saliba (12)

GFFN: Saliba is sad about not staying with Marseille


GFFN are better off just pretending like Saliba doesn’t exist.

Anything they tweet about him is going to get ridiculed by Arsenal twitter.

They need to keep Saliba’s name out their damn mouths. Hell, I never tweet but I might go and abuse those turnip farmer loving cunts if they mention his name


The worst thing about GFFN is that “they” are just some dorky English chap. A dorky English chap that is 24/7 butthurt that their shitty Saliba scoop didn’t come to fruition.


He did not play yesterday, so I forgot, haha


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Surely Ben White too?

I think putting Tomi in is pretty much the same, and I would like White rotating the CB position with Gabriel


Gabriel is to error prone
White and Saliba with Tomiyasu on the right

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“That fucking song again.”

…A rival fan touring the OA forums.


Rudy Galetti had a lot of misfires during the transfer window, so take his tweets with a pinch of salt.

No doubt Saliba will extend though.

Trustworthy Bernaise sauce? If so im gonna cream myself All night. Tequila!!!

I really hope so, can honestly see this guy ending up at Real Madrid, Barcelona or PSG in a few years, but if he does we want it to be for a huge fee.


I said it earlier, RM will target him as a galactico in a couple of years. Hefty overpriced fee incoming :vinai:

I really really hope so

Fix your avi. if you need a new one i have a catalogue of options for you PM me.

I am really surprised that he will sign the extension… probably because we have a really good start of the season and he locked down the starting position, which we thought he would be only a rotation/backup to White and Gabriel

More like run down contract and nothing incoming :joy:

Or we end up paying him to leave.

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It is the Arsenal way.