William Carvalho


Yet again rumours abound that this fellow is subject of interest from Arsenal

Will this player ever sign? Seems like he’s been on the radar since he played in the under 21s yet we still have not got him.

What are your views? Mine are that he is exactly what we need and we should have signed him two or three years ago.

Is there a grain of truth in the rumour this time or is it pie in the sky?


Not only is he not what we need, but I’m confident this is all come from his agent.

Nothing to see here.


The rumour of a Lesser Spotted Carvalho. A sign that summer has arrived.


He is more what we need than ducking Grant Xhaka ffs


No He isnt





No Carvalho’s genuinely shit, stop playing that video of him knocking those 2 Portugese midgets over on loop.