Will we finish in the top 4?

I thought @Darkseid was a believer…

No, I mean what’s the point asking such a question where the likes of Pepe and Elpenny as players we’re supposed to miss.

Well then missing Partey should be a big deal then. Auba isn’t on it now, but he is still important given the lack of other options up top.

Not sure we will miss Aubameyang. Guy is usually missing anyway

Kepa is rubbish and with enough time will show exactly why he’s one if not the biggest PL flop of the last decade.

Won’t Xhaka be back by then btw?

No that’s Pogba.


Should be. But most on here think he is a waste of space.

Kepa is a much bigger flop, at least Pogba has been serviceable to a degree

You know it’s real when I’m defending him

He did help them win their last trophy too.
But they’re definitely both candidates.

Still a gigantic flop

Record transfer for a keeper and now he’s a backup? Not really comparable IMO

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Being benched by a £22m keeper (when you cost 3x that) for 2 seasons is definite flop territory for Kepa.

Was meant to replace Courtois too who was sold for half that.

If United don’t get any bounce from honeymoons with new manager(s) then I think the manager and players should be pushed to go for it. No excuses to not finish above West Ham based on starting sheet comparisons. Conte and Spuds might end up more of a challenge to finish above than United come the late season stretch, but the Spuds squad has holes in it for now.

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Liverpool cop in the most followed by us.

High chance both West Ham and Man United lose today. Which would have as level on points with West Ham in fourth and 6 points above United after 13 games.

Burnley isn’t the easiest place to go either, though Spurs will still be favourites, but fingers crossed they go all Spursy and drop points.

Early in the season still, but given our horrendous start to the season we’re well placed to take fourth. I’m confident we’ll finish above West Ham, European football will take it out of them. And hopefully Spurs stay in that shit Europa League knockoff competition.

So in answer to the question, yes we bloody well will finish in the top 4! I’m feeling confident.


Oh god you’re confident, that makes me less confident.

Doesn’t take much for you to go into depressed aussie mode tbf



We’ll know a lot more after we’ve played United, Everton away and West Ham.

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A loss against United and I don’t see Arsenal making it

We have to win that game, United are our biggest rivals for the spot

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