Will we finish in the top 4?

No chance of us finishing 4th, you’d need 70 points and we aren’t going at 2 points per game from now until May.

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We are 8 points from 3rd and 9 points from second… .with 26 games to go… LC could stumble.

Absolutely we are not out of it. Just 4 years ago it only took 71 points to get second and 66 points to get 4th…

I think people are taking a 12 game sample and taking extrapolation too far… if you extrapolate plenty of teams last 12 games LAST year, they were bottom third of table yet those teams finished near the top (aside from City and Pool).



Statistical wise that’s correct. A team with no defined style or substance for a season and a bit and no idea of defending it’s simply not going to happen.

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Yeah I think EVERYONE agrees we are doomed under Emery - the convo is whether it is lost completely after 12 under OTHER conditions (including Freddie-ball for me).

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Emery will still be at the helm for long enough that it’ll mean we have no chance, club needs to act now if we’re to have any hope. Seems they are staunch with reluctance to do so though.

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Agree with that premise unfortunately.

Looking at it now, I don’t think with the form we are on we could even finish in the top 10, it’s that bad right now. The board hoping he turn it around is scary to me.


I think if we don’t win our next two games the board will do something during the international break.
They will have no choice.
Even by their, slower than wading in mud standards, they will be pushed into a corner that will force their hand.
Whether they make the right decision or not is the question and, considering how slow and poor their recent decisions have been, I don 't trust them to do the right thing.

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It’s the international break now mate. So Emery has some respite


The little slimmer of hope I still had for top four has left the building. Twelve point gap with Leicester.

More chance of finishing bottom 4, especially if we stock with the incel.

Oh well, longer he stays, the more chance incel is put on his arse along with fatty and the yank cunts.

Haha haha no. But on the plus side, no Thursday night football next season :partying_face:

Hope we finish like 8th so we don’t have Europa League either.

We didn’t have much of a chance before yesterday and we have absolutely no chance now. I am mentally prepared to lose Auba and Laca next summer. Things are gonna get a lot worse before they get better.

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Considering we’ve conceded too many points to lower opposition and have tougher top 6 games coming up it’s highly likely winning the Europa League will be our only path to Champions League.

Emery has already shown he’s inept by the way we struggled against part time footballers in Europe and how we just rolled over against Chelsea in the final.

Regrettably I think that’s right although a change of manager for a very good one right now could easily allow the 8 or so point gap to be closed. I haven’t given up hope that Raul and co won’t act in the next few days and then we might have a fighting chance with over half a season left.

We have absolutely zero business in the Champions League. Already for a good 4/5 seasons.

In that sense I am glad we are out of it. Currently we are hanging in by a thread in games against South fucking hampton and other bottom dwellers.

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it would be great to get back into it for the prestige that it brings and makes better players want to come/stay and it gives a lot more money and the club seems to be spending more now…but at the same time with the way we are playing i rather be the hell away from it because it is so humiliating scraping through the group stages then getting a bayern/barca/RM and then getting humped 10-2 on aggregate.

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This is our current form

If we get top 4 I’ll eat my wooly hat

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We’re probably looking at being out of Europe all together at this point.