Will we finish in the top 4? (Fuck Out!)

Will just leave this here as what likely will be my last prediction this season because it feels like all or nothing with the Newcastle game. I have a good feeling about getting three points at St James’ Park, so yes, I predict we will finish Top 4.



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Do you smell that?
Smells like Champions League football.

Ugh, I do. Is it updog?

Nah bro that’s ligma

What is ligma?

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It’s a very serious medical condition and that’s all it is

You’re going to get me written up by HR

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You sure? Could also be ilaydeez.

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Joshua. What’s ligma?

Yeh Joshua you answer her

Probably the best legal argument you could ever have.

I need more details

What’s ligma?

Are you guys being serious

Well I am. Am I being stupid then?

I prefer not to speak


Tell me the answer then.

Googled it and it just says disease, is that it?



Leaving my final predictions here…

Not sure if I’ve been consistent across previous posts on this thread specifically — but I just can’t see us getting top 4 at all. We just don’t score enough, can’t keep clean sheets and barely keep all players on the pitch during important matches.

I want to be eating crow come Monday evening and I hope I’m wrong, but the pattern with AFC these past 16 years is one of mediocrity, as much as it saddens me to say.

If we get our summer business right, invest in the right talent and shift off the shite (Lacazette, Pepe), we’ll have a better chance next season.

I mean statistically we’ve lost a third of all our games. That’s simply horrific form for a club of our stature.

I think it’s still been a very successful season given the last 2-3 years of relegation performances.

Finishing 5th, ahead of Utd and within touching distance of “Title Contenders” Chelsea, is a huge achievement for us.


By the same token, prior to the NLD - we’d won the third most amount of games of any team in the league and only 4 less than Liverpool

We lost way too many but we won enough games that we should be looking at a 75-80 point season instead of a 65-70 one