Will Manchester City match our unbeaten season?


van Nistlerooy should also have seen red for studding Cole in his knee by the touchline. Though in retrospect I’m not so angry he did that.


Bravo sir! Hope you made some money on it. :slight_smile:


Suck it Pep!


Im so happy this final insult hasn’t occurred in this shit season. Can watch Pep ball his way to the league in complete relaxation now.

Hope they pay the money for Sanchez too now.


Very chuffed to be wrong about this thread, had a horrible feeling.

One thing I’ll say is that I think it was more likely this season than it will be for quite a while now.


I suppose no one going unbeaten can be like a new trophy for us this season :heart_eyes:


I never thought they would go unbeaten, the depth in the league is stronger than when we did it


Ha yeah. Our best game of the season has been that one! :rofl:


Im going to predict they wont match Grahams 91 side either of 1 defeat only in a season.


I said they would lose against Liverpool but didn’t think they would let in four goals.


I still think they will break the league record 95 points.


Meh it’s a Mourinho record.


Phew. Season saved.