Will Manchester City match our unbeaten season?


Half of the season gone and they’ve played everyone once and it’s fair to say they look unbeaten. They’ve already broken our win record can they do the unthinkable and match the invincibles?

Maybe too early to ask this but what do you think?

  • Yes
  • No
  • To early to judge

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I think they will lose a game


No. Probably break points record but they will lose


I think they will go unbeaten. In fact I’m looking to bet on it.


I think its gonna have to be a bad referee decision or injuries that would make them lose.


Probably set a few records along the way but will lose a game or 2.


Think they will have one in the L column before the end of the month.


They’ve arguably had their toughest two fixtures (on paper at least) and won them both – the two away fixtures at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge.

But I think they’ll slip up somewhere. Sooner rather than later, actually.

And I think they’ll slow down towards the end of the season too. The CL is more important than going unbeaten.


They won’t go the season unbeaten they be beaten by January


It all depends on how well they do in the Champions League to be honest. If any team can match it then it’ll be this team. It’s very difficult to see them losing this season tbh.


As much as we like to rave on about it, going unbeaten is mostly about luck, especially in this time of hit and miss decisions. It was only bad luck that ended that run in the 50th game after all and that exact same shit could have easily occurred in game #25.

I think they’ll lose. They’ve had a few games where it’s drawn late on and I don’t think Walker, Otamendi, Stones and Delph is the kind of defence you can really believe in. Only takes a couple of set pieces to lose a game 2-1. They conceded 2 to West Brom and Stoke for example.


This. They will probably lose a game after securing the title.


I’m scared they will


They will lose, going deeper in the CL as well as other competitions coupled with inevitable fatigue and required rotation will mean they will be vulnerable at some stage.

I don’t think it’ll necessarily be a top team that ends the run either, an inspired lesser team may be the ones that do it first.


“Bad luck” is a very politically correct way of describing one of the worst one sided refereeing performances of all time. I’ve had manutd long before that, but that cemented my hatred, cheating on almost juve levels.


I’m the same but I can see them getting beaten at some stage .


Ferguson would do anything to win, especially against Wenger.
He would try and influence referees, opposition players, the media, other managers and even the FA, with bullying tactics and getting his players to do the same, or even just plain cheating.

Rooney dived to get a penalty and there were plenty of other matches where they just kicked us all over the pitch while the ref did almost nothing.
If anyone hasn’t seen it, this is Mike Riley in the most biased refereeing performance in the PL, and it was all went in the favour of Man U and against us.

The most blatant example of cheating by a ref that you are likely to see.


I think they will lose a game when they are 20 points clear and are preparing for a Champions League Semi Final or something, I will say something like 32-5-1 101 points.



They never win there. They’re even more unlikely to get a draw


Haven’t even watched the clip but I remember the cunt should have sent Ferdinand off for that body check on Ljungberg early in the game. Gary Neville kicking seven shades of shite out of Reyes was basically a war crime.

This game, along with the 06 CL final, are the two that still hurt 10+ years on.