Wilfried Zaha

I would go with Zaha simply because he is already playing in the PL and has been a top player even if it is only for Crystal Palace.
I’m also swayed because he actually wants to come here.

Zaha isnt a big name he is a known name, if he was a big name he wouldnt be playing for crystal palace and we wouldnt be the only club in for him.

Everton is only like 22/23 and has time to grow and is already playing at a high level, i would be happy with both but if i had to choose personally i would drop Zaha and get Everton, but that is just me!

If we got both tho :giroud2: (not that that is realistic)

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Unai said we’re working on a really expensive player…

Mustafis 350k a week new contract? :kos2:

Completely off this guy now, would be wasting the money frankly.

Not to say he isn’t good, but all we needed to do last season for our wing depth was not loan Nelson

And it looks like he’s staying this season.

If we are to spend any money on a winger, it has to be someone with more upside imo

Expensive… with a €45m budget everyone will be.

Fair play to Sanllehi. Unsettled Wilf Zaha into an unofficial official transfer request. If Raul can get Palace’s valuation down to around £60m plus players…mes que un hombre*

*mas…I know

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You love to see it :syringe:

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Roy, mate, we can help you here. Give us Wilf and we’ll give you some money and a World Cup winning defender. How does that sound?


that would decrease our offer, we don’t want that


Chambers would be a good shout for them. He’s worth about £20m in today’s market but with Koscielny’s future up in the air, I feel like Chambers will stay

Cahill is a free agent old man to replace Kosc

I would actually rather have Everton. Zaha is Premier League tested, but I think Everton has more upside. Zaha isn’t likely to get a whole lot better than he is now, even if he might be more productive in a better team. But I think Everton has the potential to be truly world class in a couple of years. Plus he’s apparently half the price.

That said, I’ll happily take either one without complaint.


Hell, give them Mustafi, Chambers, Bielek, Kolasinac and Jenkinson. They could fill an entire back line.


I just think we need an immediate great improvement on the wing with our current situation of trying to get back to champions league, and for me Zaha is that, Everton as you say could be the long term solution and much cheaper but I just personally prefer Zaha

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Arsenal may agree with you for the same reason. Of course in an ideal world, they’d be able to bring in both. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the world we’re living in at the moment.

if we genuinely want both, i would get Everton this season push for CL and try to make Zaha our main signing for the next season if we cant manage to get him this transfer period. I mean the guy has a 5 year contract if reports are to believed i cant see anyone else going hard to get him so her can spend another season at Crystal Palace and we try again next season as i dont see that after another season there will be many more clubs jumping in to sign him if they arent going for him now.

If this was the case he would have been picked up already by an (big) European club. There is always the chance one slips through the cracks, but I find that unlikely in today’s environment.

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not really, you could see neymar was WC talent before he hit barca, same with Hazard before he finally got to chavski…it would be good to move first for a change before the whole world wakes up.

Neymar and Hazard were 21 years old when they made the move to Barcelona and Chelsea. Two years younger, which is exactly my point…

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