Wide Options


Okay bro. :slight_smile:


Regardless of if we should have kept Gnabry, which I think we should have, but a 21-year old wasn’t going to help us that much. With Bremen there is also much less pressure and more 'freedom, because of that, for him to perform.

I’ve been calling for a winger for two seasons now; Walcott, Ramsey, Chamberlain, it’s all proper shit. Sadly Wenger doesn’t seem to agree :sweat_smile:.


Shitlade Chambershit :ox: :sweat_smile:


sure wenger will drop iwobe and shift theo on the left and put ramsey on the right. But to be fair to iwobe he needs a rest


I don’t think it would be the end of the world if we lined up as follows.


As I’ve said before I don’t have a great memory but when we were doing well last season when Theo was playing CF, wasn’t Ramsey on the right? Yeah I just took a look at the match report from that 3 nil united win and Ramsey was on the right. I still don’t think we should switch from our current lineup because we’ve done well, however I feel the lineup above is a viable alternative.

Once again I’ll state my opinion is that Cazorla is the key to controlling these type of matches with his ability to dribble out of trouble and his passing range. He makes pressing us a nightmare because he toys with people so effectively.

Isn’t our lack of depth on the wing is kind of just a temporary thing anyways? Perez and Welbeck will be back soon and then we’ll be back to full strength. I think we all trust DAT GUY to have a solid performance when he plays, and Perez could be massive for us. Only a couple points off the lead with 28 matches to play. It’s an eternity don’t panic yet.


We are another top quality forward player short, wether that be a wide player or a CF is up to personal opinion and probably comes down to what position Sanchez plays. Either way we need to sign another top quality forward player.


Gnabry has gone and Cambell wont be back ,Iwobi is finding his feet but can make it but I worry he’s had his take em on instinct bred out of him by Arsenal coaching like the Ox. We could really do with a winger !


Let’s not give up on Iwobi too soon.
Atleast till January.
He is miles ahead of any other option we have; unless we go for Cazorla on wings again.


Best current front 3: Iwobi - Alexis - Walcott

Available players that fans do not want to see play: Chambo - Giroud - Ramsey.

Injured or on loan: Welbz - Perez - Gnabry - Campbell.

The way it sounds on here is as if fans want our current best 3 to play every single game without rotation or rest. Go figure. That sounds really illogical to me, especially with a busy period coming up after the INT break.

Hopefully Perez will be back soon to provide another option. We also have Giroud available who isnt useless. Get a grip ffs.


Just being pedantic here - Gnabry is sold.


For some reason I had it as a loan with option to buy. My bad.


There is a real grey area as to what exactly his deal is. There were whispers it was orchestrated by Bayern, and that they have an option to sign him if he turns out to be any good.


Hes the only one right now Trion except Gibbs perhaps ! I havent given up on Iwobi at all ,he’s young, he’s in his first full season ,he was off on Sunday but he played well early season !


While keeping Gnabry would have been ideal, I think we’d hugely benefit from buying a player with more experience on the wing. There is a list of names out there and mentioned on here many times.

We’ll just have to stick it until the likes of Danny and Lucas get back from injury. Ox could still surprise some and chip away with a couple goals till then. As much as Ramsey’s place in the squad is limited, I’m sure with more time he’ll get into some kind of form, he’s an experienced player after all.

There is a positive therein that lies in the form of our front 3. Out of Alexis, Özil and Walcott, Iwobi too is that they are capable of switching positions. the whole front three is interchangeable and can be altered throughout a game. Whether that is via player decision or tactics given by Wenger, I’m not so sure but it’s something that can/should be used more often.

I’d be highly surprised if we bought anyone in January anyway so that can be crossed off the list of expectations.


Another red hot stick to beat Wenger with at the end of the season.