Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


I don’t necessarily agree with every point, but it’s one view point on Löw



His Germany has constantly underperformed, his team are usually boring as fuck except for that Brazil game, has stupid favoritism for player regardless of their form or if they’re good and tactically speaking he’s nothing special compared to other top PL managers or the german trio of Tuchel, Hasenhuttl or Nagelsmann.


Hasn’t the worth of Arsenal grown exponentially since he’s been here? Which means his (potential) capital has grown too? I’d say these billionaires aren’t in it for short term returns, but growing the worth of the investment and take advantage of that in the long term.


International managers don’t just work 6 weeks per year. For everything that you could have against Low that is a silly argument imo.


About 14% compounded annually if you do reasonable estimates for starting value and more recent estimates of current valuation… in between, nothing taken out…

Like I said, reasonable actual economic analysis really doesn’t back up the “greedy c*nt” conclusion… happy to review more recent estimates of valuation and see if that changes substantially.


What do you mean “underperform”???

The talent that Brazil have, should win the WC every single time. They just won 5 times only, and I call that “underperform”.

Regarding favoritism, the only player I can think of is Lukas Podolski, but he was mainly a sub and cheerleader after 2010WC.

Every big tournament, he brought in young blood and gave them chances. I don’t know how you call that “favoritism” because he never like Marcel Schmelzer.
2008 - Rolfes, Trowchowski
2010 - Ozil, Khedira, Muller, Boateng
2012 - Kroos, Hummels, Gotze, Reus
2014 - Durm, Kramer, Mustafi
2016 - Draxler, Kimmich, Hector, Can
2018 - Sane, Goretzka, Werner

He does not need to change formation/lineup that much because the core players under him can always maintain their playing levels. It is not Jogi’s fault. He just does not need to make too many changes.

We have to consider Spain dominate the world football (they had more and better players) since 2008 - 2012. Germany was still able to get into finals or semi-finals. Nothing disappointed.
For 2016 Euro, they lost to a handball (own).

Germany never underperformed under Jogi Low.


When is everyone going to realize beggars can’t be choosers? This clubs fans are almost as big of a problem as the manager and owner. Stop being pussies. Stop hiding under the stairs at the prospect of change. Wtf do we have to lose?

Low would be fine for me. Give the guy a chance and see what happens. I don’t know why the average Arsenal fan is looking for the next Wenger and wanting another fucking dictator for the next 20 years.

If the next manager doesn’t work out. Fuck him off, find a new one. Welcome to 2012 Arsenal fans.


for balance, some stuff that I really like. Whole thread



^^^^^ something u probably take a look at during the other 46 weeks out of the year when ur doing fuck all.


One of the reasons Conte grew frustrated as Italy head coach was the lack of time on the training pitch with the squad. Just don’t see how anyone can gauge Low’s level as a coach by his time with the national team, it’s an unnecessary risk for a club with our resources. There’s no shortage of coaches that have done or are doing great work in the top leagues.

“Usually the CT is just a selector, but I want to be anything except a selector. The reason I took on this challenge is to make the Nazionale like a club.

I must be able to work as a Coach, not just as a selector


Cech needs something like this :mustafi:


So he did tactics on a pen shootout 12 years ago and told Goteze to show the world he was better than Messi. You definitely oversold that thread as did the guys opening line.


Oh come on, we’re not beggars! As i’ve said before, I think the Arsenal job is still in the top 10 of managerial jobs in football, top 15 at worse

We have the history, new stadium, finances. We’re a London PL club. We’re big globally.

Don’t let our shitness this season cloud your judgement. When Wenger leaves, we will not be short of options.


Germany should have done more in euro 2012 and 2016. How weird that might seem considering the semi-finals they reached.


There should be a list of managers that we are rumoured to be interested in, but definitely don’t want.

Either of these, and we will be asking: Howe Low can we go?


Get out


In terms of shareprice growth that’s absolutely wrong, 345% growth over the last decade


I like it how manipulative you are trying to be. You picked up someone on those points and then the others are trying to debate it? I also like it how you try to pass your opinion (obviously wrong btw) as fact.

Lol simple as that. More of the constipated my opinion is fact shit. Not it’s not a terrible investment. Arsenal was valued at $1.2B when Kroenke bought the club. In 2016 it was valued at %2B. Kroenke himself is valued at $8.3B. Arsenal alone has increased his value by 10% everything else held equal.

lol what a load of lazy bullshit.

As I said, you don’t know nothing. Why would you need to sell players when you generate enough revenue in order to end the year at a profit and how does that prove you don’t run the club as an investment. What does he run the club like then, omnipotent sevva? This guys doesn’t have a dividend paying policy anywhere across his sports empire. Still takes money out of the club whenever he wants to. Hasn’t taken money out of any of his other American sports franchises. Hasn’t invested a single penny into the operational finances of the club.

It’s incoherent whatever way you look at it. Period.

Lol it’s theoretical. What do you think a billionaire’s net worth estimation is, money in the bank lol. I will break it down for you so you don’t have to struggle, It’s the value of his assets - the amount of money he can sell what he owns for. Arsenal is an asset and up until 2017 it’s value was consistently growing. Once that value went 4% downhill last year Big Fan Stan started to hustle and bustle to see what is going on with his asset.

LOLOLOL. How did you decide what the club’s actual value was? You think Usmanov just decided to pay waaaay over the top for the club because he loves it so much more than Stan loves it? As I said, you are clueless about business.

Oh now you are getting it. He invested money and years later he could have sold for a profit, if he needed or wanted to - that’s how you manage an asset like a football club. Let me break it to you - he didn’t sell because he believes the value of the club will only increase and he can make more money out of it!

No comment :slight_smile:


There were other tweets as well!

But whatever. Point is, even if he is shit, he isn’t Wenger and the club can sack him.


There were only 4 when I looked at it…