Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Kinda got what I asked for…



Damn you and your CENSORED mahjong hijinks


We needed Proportional representation to get a more accurate view. Brexit poll all over again this.:sunglasses:


And it seems that was basically the criteria Arsenal was using to make this hire, cause I don’t think there’s any good footballing reasons for it.


Can I just clarify, are we definitely not going to get Conte?


But how do we know for a fact Arteta wasn’t actually close and Mole and the Horse (don’t really follow others) are actually wrong that Arteta at one point wasn’t the frontrunner for the job :sweat_smile:? Gazidis mentioned the course of events but didn’t deny that. We spoke with eight other options and Ornstein also said Arteta was the likely one… Is he also a fake? Because the Mail/Marca broke the news before him.


@Phoebica unfortunate I guess, maybe in 2 years once Unai gets the sack? :arteta:


Lol! Did he really refuse Real to stay at Hoffenheim? :mustafi:


Doesn’t have the balls.


Big Wenga to show him the way :wink:


He had the balls to turn it down. Good for him.



@Persona you were completely right, thank god we don’t have this ball sniffing arse fingering wax munching fraud as our manager.

I apologise for ever stanning this unhygienic fool.
What a fucking mug.


Glad we didn’t go that Loew to appoint this guy. Leaving him out is inSane.


What does Sanè need to do more to get called up? He is just an outstanding player.


Move to arsenal where he will be a stand out then he will get playing time :henry2:


I guess Allegri was never on the cards really either.

Edit: here you go @Calum :xhaka:


“pretended by Real Madrid”. I love google :joy:

If he turned down the Real Madrid then it does seem as it was always wishful thinking him signing for us


Big wengz for the real job. Its written.


I hear Real Madrid are interested in Arteta


For the vacant mascot position? :gunnersaurus: