Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


If true, makes me like Arteta more. Buck has to stop with manager… this distributed accountability bullshit doesn’t work imho. Give him the job, final say in football matters (with some exceptions of course), and hold his feet to the fire.


This could be a masterstroke in terms of PR. People are liking Arteta day by day but after today’s potential stunt, they will be itching for him to be the manager.


This kind of posts are the reason why I said to much is made by the media about these change of model pieces.

Two of the most liked managers on this board, Simeone and Allegri, come from structured organizations, Atletico has Cerezo/Berta, Juventus has Agnelli/Marotta. On what bases should they be given extensive authorities in regard to squad composition, player acquisition etc.? Let alone more unexperienced managers.


But won his last 3 Europa League finals :giroud2:


There are examples of many different types of successful businesses applying different types of structures and approaches, but I am a strong proponent of more singular accountability… doesn’t mean you don’t have controls or support systems, but there is a reason companies have a CEO.

Hiring Arteta as head coach is fine, but when shit hits fan and people are left scratching their heads as to why, I for one want to be certain I know answer.


You’re a proponent of that model, but on what bases should they, for example, get those extensive powers? When they come from situations which are completely the opposite? Scouting is another full time job.

For the record. I do think coaches should have a voice in player recruitment. But giving a coach full authority in that regard can fuck shit up.


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Yes!! Emery!!


Well I have not wanted Arteta really and I think it is a reason they chose him, although it appears Arteta may want more control than they thought. Of course I take this all with grain of salt.

To your point about what basis they get those powers, same as why ceo gets those powers, because distributed and unclear accountability doesn’t work very well. Now one might argue that is Ivan, but then we are into different convo… I worry at the end of this next season we are left with the unsatisfying proposition of a ufo.

UFO being an “unexplainable football outcome”. My old CFO used to have a sign in her office with those 3 letters and a line through them (replace football with financial).








I can get behind this after reading more about him… still wanted Tuchel or Nags or perhaps Jardim, but one subpar year at PSG should not wreck his rep.




I wonder if Arteta turned us down?



Hope he learns English soon.


Emery is probably the most underwhelming appointment of all lol. He might be a good enough to steady the ship and get success in the Europa League, but Emery will not build a title contender.


So it appears that the club’s new structure was enough to put Arteta off the job, and probably the Arsenal board off Arteta. Crazy


Ornstein “Arteta did not pull out he was very excited about getting the job”

I guess not. Sad.


This is the problem I have. We have nothing to “steady”. We need a revamp. We need freshness.


We just came of a 6th place finish with no chance on top four whatsoever. I reckon there is enough to steady.