Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


I’d have Garry fucking Neville over Wenger right now


id even beg for fucking van gaal right now even fucking eddie howe! at least those managers know how to pick a fucking team ffs!


Frank de Boer please.


From time to time, I just remember this post and poll… even I am not an Arsenal fan anymore.

Klopp and Wenger, who is better??

The more Klopp’s team play against Wenger’s Arsenal, they answer is more obvious.


What do you mean you are not an Arsenal fan ? :eyes:


No, no more.
I have said that before… If Wenger get an extension, I would not support the team anymore.
I ain’t a glory hunter. I’d rather support a real weak and poor team in FC Koln, than this great pretender.


What a cunt, ohh I’m not an Arsenal fan anymore.

Had to be an American “fan”


Yes, I’m a cunt, so??
I’m just a cunt that know when to wake up.


I get as disgruntled as anyone but in my culture your club is your club and you still support them no matter what… If Arsenal end up playing league 2 football they will still be my side, different cultures I suppose.


I admire your “loyalty”, Aussie. On the other hand, I see the club loyal to its manager, not to the fans.
I followed this club for less than 10 years, so I am not obligated to be “loyal”. Wenger’s attacking football brought me to this club, and he was the one to drive me away.


Yeah I can understand what your saying in that regard, basically the club is taking the piss out of the fans as we speak.


Definition of glory hunter this guy. Always knew there was something askew with him.


You know which team I’m supporting to call me a glory hunter?? You don’t even know anything about me.

I just go back to support FC Koln and if you think FC is better than Arsenal, then yes, I’m a glory hunter.

When I first following this club, Arsenal wasn’t the league champion. The day I left, the club is still not. Don’t abuse the word “glory hunter”.


He does have a point I suppose, I know a bloke that jumped from Aston Villa to Chelsea in 2010, that’s a true definition of a glory hunter.


Aussie, thanks to keep everything in an educated and polite conversation.


Klopp is better than Wenger, but he is not the man to move us forward.


He and they havent won anything yet, but it bloody well enthuses you watching that style of football. Not keen on his sideline antics but its a small price to pay for the excitement levels you get on the field.


I, for one, hope Man City turn em over in a fortnight’s time. I have far more time and respect for Pep and Manchester City fans than anything Liverpool related


Half a decade without a trophy. Multiple cup final failings. Defensive frailties. Inability to change style effectively to defeat teams set out to frustrate them.

No thanks.


I think we’re too hung up on Klopp.

I was watching Forest v Leeds the other night, just cos I appreciate competitive football and not just the vastly overrated Premiership. The commentators mentioned that when the new Leeds manager made his pitch to the board during his interview, he meticulously went through every one of Leeds’ defeats last season and explained how they could have won. He was hired. Instantly. Incidentally, Leeds beat Forest well, and Forest have started better.

My point being, we don’t need a big name. There are some good managers out there. They’re probably thinking “i can put perez in this team, i can incorporate both Mustafi and Koscielny and go 4-4-2, i’d make Ozil make way for Wilshere”…(these arent serious suggestions btw, just how different managers think differently). We will lose games under a new gaffer, and some surprising games too (where we’d fully expect Wenger to recover in a fortnight by winning a home game- cos he has in the past- a new manager may lose and effectively lose 3 on the trot) However, said new manager will always be feeling under pressure to win. There’ll be no 2 year guarantee of his job, like the current incumbent.

I’m not a fan of arsenal fan TV, but a word was mentioned last night- something that has been swimming around my head for the last couple of years. Sabotage. Wenger doesnt care how we do in these last couple of seasons seeing as he wont be there in 2019. This disturbs me as it carries an element of possible truth.