Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


At a club like Real Madrid he would have likely won a title etc but he still would have been sacked within a 3 year period because thats how Madrid roll, Wenger would have weighed that up and thought better off staying at Arsenal. At Real Madrid you pretty much get told who your signing and what your spending which is another thing that wouldn’t go down well with Arsene.


2 win in 2 months :mustafi:


In fairness to Klopp, wind speeds generally tend to increase in the early months of the year. It’s not really fair to judge him on that basis


Not even Wenger would use an excuse like this to justify a defeat :xhaka:


Some Arsenal fans would use that kind of excuse to excuse their love for klopp though




Klopp’s still shit. Wenger is just much, much shitter. One’s a flat track bully while the others a game raising cunt.

Wouldn’t want either tbh.


Wonder how @Kaner defends Wenger in his choice to rest Alexis for the Bayern 2nd leg :joy:


this thread is like the most irritating seesaw in the world.

Make all the arguments you want about who has been less crap this season out of Klopp and Wenger, but only one of those two gets consistently big performances in the big matches


He has a lesser sqaud too.


The subject is A vs B, no C. So there are only Klopp and Wenger.
Obviously we would pick the shit over something shitter.

Klopp wins.


Is it the right time to reignite this debate yet? :gunnersaurus:


why arent you watching the game.


He can do both.


Only when Wenger loses or Klopp loses is it acceptable to reignite the debate.

You’ve jumped the gun by 60 minutes unfortunately.


K, so it’s okay now?? :grin:


Haha you certainly picked your moment Sham :smile:


:joy: :joy:


Hi, and don’t try to change your answer I screencapped the poll.


Klopp has his faults but he’s superior to Wenger.