Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


We are not easy on the eye. Save for the occasional game here and there we have played dire football all season. Liverpool have been far more entertaining to watch prior to their recent slump in form.

Our football is disjointed and some of the worst we have played under Wenger.

There has to be a limit to your bias. It’s so ridiculous.




Your trolling has taken a dip in form this week.


Lol no trolling, liverpool have been fucking boring to watch, it’s a fact. Our football is still much more beautiful than most of the boring shit the pl has to offer tbh.


If you enjoy the sideways pass pass pass pass pass possession for the sake of possession football that we churn out so often then good for you. But personally I think it’s boring as fuck and terrible to watch.


Up until the last month when they have imploded Liverpool have been the best side to watch in the league. Chelsea and Tottenham are the 2 most well drilled and organised sides which explains why they are currently the top 2 I suppose.


We don’t actually do that, though.


It’s not a fact and don’t ever try to pass your absurdly one sided opinion off as fact.


Klopp wouldn’t be my first choice but I do honestly believe that if Wenger is given more time, Liverpool under Klopp will come closer to winning the league in the next few years than we will under AW.


I disagree.


If it isn’t true, then doesn’t that prove that Wenger isn’t as good as Klopp?
Liverpool have spent less than us, haven’t regularly got CL football and yet still manage to get a very good squad together.[quote=“Oliver, post:455, topic:729”]
I dont understand this idea that a long serving manager has some huge advantage over newer ones.
[/quote]Any manager who has been in the same league for as long as Wenger should know it inside out, and will have had a chance to build a team of his making and play exactly the type of football he wants.

Klopp hasn’t been here a full season, and has proved he is as good as Wenger, who is the most experienced manager in Europe, at the same club.


To be honest, I have only thought about this now after reading this. I think it is true that Wenger, considering the time he has had, in the same league with the same team should have already built a solid squad and should be dominating the PL like Fergie did…but then again it has always been about spending power, tactics and player management too.


I’m not sure you have really captured all the pros and cons.

No manager would ever change jobs if it was easier to just stay where you are.


I agree.
That is why Wenger is still here.
He wouldn’t have lasted more than a couple of seasons at a massive club like Real Madrid or Barcelona, and he would never have been allowed the sort of almost total control of a club like that.

He has stayed here and done a reasonable job since we moved to the Emirates but he must be the only manager of a top European club that has had all that time and never been under any pressure to win anything.

People say he is loyal to Arsenal, which I’m sure he is, but he could also be described as astute, which I’m sure he also is.


It’s funny to see how the people is convinced about a potential failure of Arsene at Madrid and Parìs.

Since the first approach (2005), Real Madrid have won the title with Capello, Bernd Schuster and Josè Mourinho. Why Arsène Wenger would have to fail? Mah…

Useless to talk about PSG and how is easy to win the Ligue 1 for them.


Who said he would be a failure?

My question would be, why didn’t he go there, or any other bigger club?


Ok this pretty much settles it. I’ve been quietly questioning whether or not you even watch any of the matches, and now I know you do not sir.


Probably because he is happy here because he has everything he wants. He is in the best league in the World, he is in one of the best cities in the World, works for a club which he helped and probably “built” in the last 20 years, is happy to train these players, has a good relationship with the board etc…

Why Steven Gerrard, Francesco Totti, Alessandro Del Piero, Gigi Buffon, Javier Zanetti, Ryan Giggs refused to change club?


You say that like it’s a negative thing when the reality is, yes, as an individual of course the trust and support from his employers is why he has stayed here.

He was tasked with doing something no other manager in the world has been, and he relishes the responsibility and the pressure that comes with it.

Remember though, he lives and breaths football, football is his life’s work and Arsenal is his heart and soul.

Wenger has many flaws, but this isn’t an easy job by any means, and assuming that he is here on some sort of luxury handout free ride is in my opinion, very unfair.


Pretty simple really he wouldn’t have it as good anywhere else.