Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


We only have 2 games left in Europe so that won’t be a distraction for us in the final 10 games of the season.


Plus fa cup


At absolute Max that will have 2 games relevance because the Final ( should we make it) is right at the end of the season & I don’t think you can even count Sutton United :joy_cat:


Klopp has very few players that would get into our starting line up, spent hardly any money and this is his first full season in the PL.

Wenger has one of the best midfields in the PL and is Europe’s longest serving manager at the same club.

So the fact that either team could finish above the other, I’m fairly certain who I know is the better manager.

There are other managers I would prefer, but Klopp is new to the PL and seems to be doing a pretty good job.
I’m not so sure about Wenger.


We’ll shit on bayern don’t you worry that pretty little spikey head of hair of yours.


I think, having had a decent look at what Klopp has to offer, he’s not what I thought he was. I still reckon a Klopp led Arsenal wins last season’s PL mind and who knows, if the stars had aligned he could have led us to a period of sustained glory if he’d come here at the (seeming) peak of his powers.

But yea, it seems he has some of the same failings as Wenger and ultimately I’m happy we won’t be sat around in 5/6 years discussing how Klopp just doesn’t have it anymore. Still, that PL would have been nice.


Klopp needs to clean his teeth before joining us :wink:


What did you think he was?

My estimation of him has certainly gone up having had a closer look at him with him in England. When you look at the squad he has he’s doing a fantastic job. Perhaps you could say his work in the transfer market hasn’t been as good as you’d like, but then again Liverpool is not the most attractive destination at the moment (see Götze turning them down), and there are some good (Matip), or very good (Mané) signings in there with the seemingly bad ones (Klavan, Karius, Wijnaldum), and he’s certainly made more progress in one summer transfer window than Wenger typically has.

But I mean, I really think people underestimate the crapness of the squad he’s taken over…look at those defenders and midfielders he inherited…Moreno, Sakho, Can, etc…if you look at the players he came in to find individually he’s had a positive influence on practically everyone bar Sturridge.


This isn’t true. Their forward line of Coutinho, Firminho, Sturridge, Mane, Lalanna is arguably better than ours. And no we clearly don’t have the best midfield in the PL anymore.


Basically he seems to ignore defence to a large degree, has favourites and doesn’t seem to really be inclined to fit his tactics to his squad. he clearly has transfer window failings even taking into account the rejections you rightly point out that he’s had to contend with. It’s only with a good look at him in a league I pay attention to I can see those things clearly.

So like I say, I could see us debating those failings years down the line but there could easily have been some success in the middle.




That graph just shows defensively how poor we are compared to the other top sides, and when you look at our defenders individually we have no excuse for that.


sorry, but we have less goal conceded than Liverpool, Manchester City :upside_down:


I dont understand this idea that a long serving manager has some huge advantage over newer ones.

Clubs the world over participate in the manager merry go-round because its a tried and tested method for success.

Both approaches to management have pro’s and con’s.

Edit: what the fuck happened to swansea man. I used to really enjoy watching them. Think it was all Laudrup or something


That’s not what the graph is saying though.


That sounds pretty much like Dortmund or have you ever had the impression that Dortmund was defensively the most solid team around. If their Gegenpressing worked, great… when it didn’t, good luck.

You surely see the advantage in having every single player in every single position hand picked and having the idea of how to play inherited in each and everyone of them. It’s not like any of Klopp, Conte, Mourinho or Guardiola had the freedom to change their entire starting 11.


Indeed i do. However buying players isnt the be all and end all of management.

There is a good reason why clubs spend money on managers now like they do players. Longevity doesn’t really count for shit. Ask Conte.


My experience of Dortmund was eurogoals so I can’t say I really thought one way or the other. :slight_smile:


I’d be impressed if he could keep his team playing the way they did for the first half of the season, consistently for the whole season instead. I don’t think it’s a tactic you can perform for a season long stint in the PL. Especially if you aim to be playing in all of the competitions, through the Christmas period and trying to keep pressure on your opponents during ‘business end’ of the season.

It’s admirable and great to watch but I think the likes of Klopp and Wenger need a balance in how they set their teams up. Conte seems to revel in that, defense and attack are a seamless feature for them, very consistent.


But it’s actually not. This lolpool are great to watch bullshit is about as big of an exaggeration as I’ve ever heard. We’ve been more entertaining than they have. I watch a lot of premier league football, and Arsenal are by far still the easiest on the eyes.