Who will be the next manager?


But you don’t just leave it and do nothing.
You should have a plan B.
This is what is so annoying and why we had Giroud as our starting striker for more than five seasons.
What other manager sits on so much money and doesn’t strengthen areas that are desperate for it?

[quote=“oompa, post:736, topic:1210”]
We spent twice that next season, what does that tell you.
[/quote]We spend less than any other top club and that window we bought Xhaka and Mustafi but the window before and after we just about broke even.
What does that tell you.

Every one of our top players has left, and will leave, because they see Wenger unwilling to show any ambition when it comes to buying players.

There’s no excuses, Wenger is useless in the transfer market and contract negotiations and this is why we are in such a mess.


We don’t necessarily HAVE to leave it and do nothing, I obviously agree we shouldn’t have. The difference is that you think it is the guy in adidas sneakers down on the pitch directing the pushups in the morning who is behind it, and I think it is the board, and rather than believing that the board has a Wenger problem they have the power to fix, I think Stan Kroenke has a board problem he has the power to fix in a sense.

That we broke even tells me that this is the sustainable model we’re on. And I think we probably will compensate for this window the next one by doshing out £100m or w/e if we can and Gazidis will say something about “this shows our intent”, Stan will say nothing and Wenger will shit chat in usual order.

Not a single one of our top players have left except since 2013 when we got the stadium payments + new deals done. What are you even talking about. If anything they’ll leave once they understand that our board still plays as if FFP is a thing while no other top club does, and the maj. shareholder does nothing about it even though he is the one who could. Saying Wenger is useless in the transfer market is just pointless crying.


I said have left or will leave.
Ozil and Sanchez have seen enough and they aren’t staying.

He is useless.
He comes out with the same excuses every window and rarely gets what we need until after several seasons of persisting with the same inadequate players.
The players he says he “tried” to be is embarrassing.

I agree with all this.
I think there is a pattern in the way we do business in our transfer windows, and you’re right, in the next window we will have to spend big to placate the supporters.
The problem is, replacing Ozil and Sanchez alone is going to cost more than 100m, and we need players of that quality to play with them, and not release them.


Getting rid of Wenger is the most arduous of tasks ever


We could honestly do a Chelsea and be 16th at Christmas and he still wouldn’t resign or be sacked.:tired_face:


I can tell you for a fact he signed off on one single big money signing the summer we got Ozil, with a view to raise ticket prices; because I was ear wigging the conference call when the conversation between him, Gazidis and the board took place.

But that was a fair while ago now so who knows if that sort of thing still takes place.


Bosz :thinking:



Why? He is the perfect replacemente for Wenger. He is as clueless as him :mustafi:


The club needs some stability so David Moyes would be the perfect replacement. :smile:


David Wagner.

It’s probably nothing but I remember reading Huddersfields forum before their play off final with Reading a while back that Wagner was one of the names on our shortlist to replace Wenger it’s a little random I know but it’s stuck in my head ever since.


There are a lot of very good managers in the PL that have done extremely well at their clubs with not much money.
People like Hughton, Howe, Dyche, Silva, Wagner etc, have all done well but managing a big club has a lot more pressure than a smaller one.

This is probably why Everton and West Ham are going for experience rather than taking a risk on a younger manager.

There are a lot managers I would take over Wenger but we are stuck with him until he decides otherwise.
The only manager in Europe who is in this situation.

Klopp has been criticised heavily this season and he has only been here just over two seasons, and hasn’t got the resources Wenger has, yet Wenger is under hardly any pressure to succeed and each season the expectation gets lower.

So we have gone from a club that Wenger proclaims will challenge for the PL title to a club that will treat a top four place as some massive achievement.


To close to Wenger :wink:


Klopp hasn’t got the resources Wenger has?

This window just gone we only spent £5m more than they did and that’s if you don’t include the deal they agreed for Keita for £69.3m for January/next summer and given that, if you look around our net spend isn’t too far ahead of their’s. Their sponsorship deals are around the same too, £5m a season sleeve sponsor, a £300m kit deal and then a £30m a season shirt sponsor.


But we are a far bigger club making a far bigger profit.
Just because we don’t spend, doesn’t mean we can’t.

They do the best with the resources they have, we don’t.

They have an exciting manager who buys exciting players and plays exciting football.
They might not win anything but at least they change things around and do the very best they can, and this is what gives supporters a lift.

Seeing the same manager, players, transfer windows, mistakes and excuses every season from us is too predictable and boring.


I will say one thing though, it was clear as day Liverpool have defensive issues and Klopp didn’t sign a keeper or defender in the summer…


Should get Marcelino. His job at Valencia has been outstanding.


That’s true, but they are above us, and to some supporters Klopp is considered not good enough.
Wenger has been here longer than any other manager, and rather than sorting the glaring holes in our first team out, he has actually made it worse.

Klopp might not be better, but he is different, and less predictable and boring.


I don’t even care who will be our next manager, at this point anyone is good for me and the sooner the better!


Oh c’mon! Don’t think some random english manager is better than Wenger.