Who will be the next manager?


Might as well start a who should we transfer in to upgrade the wing thread. Messi or Ronaldo? Why not discuss it? Seems pretty realisitic.


Well to start off with both managers have been linked a reasonable number of times already by foreign and domestic press in light of the fact there could be a vacancy opening up.

The chances of them coming here are significantly higher than the chances of Messi/Ronaldo but you know that. Does no harm to discuss them in the context of them taking over Arsenal, then again if you don’t like question posed you could just not respond. Not sure why you’re purposely acting slow…


I thought Allegri was coming, but now he seems he is staying at Juventus for at least another year. However, just have to wait another month to know everything at this point.


You’d be shattered if we got one of them, as the improvement shown instantly would show Wenger up for being an absolute mug in recent times.


why does anyone move anywhere? Money of course.


Lol, too bad we’ll never know…



Love to have Overmars back at Arsenal. OK he was only here for three years before he buggered off to Spain, but he gave me some of my best early memories as a Gooner. The winner at Old Trafford. The Cup final opening scorer. Pires was the perfect replacement and probably ended up being a step above him, but Overmars was still a fine winger who helped set the way for Arsenal’s success over the coming 6/7 years…


I talked about him with an italian twitter account which follows the dutch football every week. They said to me which Overmars isn’t the right person to take an important role at Arsenal.

Probably he will be another yes man, not having any impact and power decisions about how our club should make a step forward.


how the fuck would they know how he will be here it hasnt happened for someone to judge…i really get annoyed with stuff like that ‘oh this person thinks’ just because someone thinks something doesnt mean it is true, i thought Ibrahimovic would struggle with the pace of the PL, was i right?


All I know is that the current Ajax team is pretty awesome and that team was largely built after Overmars became Director of Football. I have no clue how the decision making works within Ajax and his role versus scouts, etc. But they’re doing something right on his watch.


Supposedly he signs players at Ajax after his scouts tell him not too. Ajax have always had a great youth and recruitment system.



So, the tight arse that acquired Yaya Sanogo, is going to make Overmars his sporting director. Another tight arse that also once acquired Yaya Sanogo.

Fucking, LOL.


I once put my bar bill on Overmars room in Deportivo.And signed it marc overmars…


What does the sporting director/director of football role even entail? What’s the balance of power between the manager and DoF?


Director of football, eh? If Wenger stays I hope it’s not another Gazidis situation where AW gets a say on who that appointee is. Then again, would it matter? If it’s Overmars, he’ll be the boss of someone who used to be his boss. Another yes man?


Yeah precisely… and in our case, it isn’t like AW is suddenly going to give up authority over all key decisions, including player personnel decisions. Bringing in Overmars or any Sporting Director only makes sense if AW is leaving imho.


Not sure, one part of me thinks a manger is the football expert, he should have final/majority say on ALL footballing matters that includes contract renewals and transfer negations. Any DoF should be a tool of the manager

The other half thinks manager appointments these days are short term and spells are very individualistic. It would be great if we had a DoF whose role was to appreciate the ‘bigger picture’, ensure long aims of the club are met and preserve certain values through continuity.


Well said - it is a grey area and I am a fan of having single accountability through the manager, but you need someone who CAN listen and improve and challenge himself (including through others) and I just don’t get the sense that AW has that in him.