Who will be the next manager?


Are capable of sorting this mess out.

Wenger clearly isn’t and any talk of Howe, or another up and coming manager, is going to drag us down further than we have been since before Graham was here.

Wenger has let complacency set in and we have stagnated for several seasons.
Only a top manager with experience at the top level and respect from top players should be considered.

For a long time, I realised we weren’t going to get top four this season, in fact I didn’t think we would do it last season, but I never thought we would sink to this level.

To say we need a rebuilding job is an understatement.

We have a manager that ran out of ideas ages ago and who’s arrogance and stubbornness have got him into a situation he doesn’t know how to get out of.

We have a chairman who’s only interest is making money and who hasn’t got a clue about replacing Wenger.
We had Walcott as captain against Crystal Palace who isn’t fit to lace Adams or Vieira’s boots, and no other leaders in the team, and the only world class players we have won’t be here next season.

Whoever is the next manager is going to have the hardest job of his career, fixing the mess that Wenger has made, so we better make sure it is someone who is proven at the highest level.


Face palm.


I think we need more someone who can recreate passion being humble. We shouldn’t ask him to win the league or get back into che Champions at first attempt.


Someone happy to lose our best players and bring in players none of our rivals want


Brendan’s way of saying ‘I’m better than this shit league, so much better even rival fans say how happy, me managing Celtic is. In fact it’s probably better than Messi Suarez and Neymar playing for Celtic, Rangers fans are just so grateful I lower myself to their shit heap level, modest though I am’


don’t feed the trolls.


Allegri is making his case stronger with another proper CL-run. Not that he will be jumping at the opportunity to join Arsenal, but still.


If he fancies double the salary he might come but if it’s for sporting reasons then the PL can wait a few years. He might never have this kind of team again so it’s surely not something you just walk away from?


Why Allegri (3 league titles, one CL final, another great campaign this season) should accept to join a EL team with the stars ready to leave??


his own project i guess…other than that nothing, iam losing hope for this club i reckon we will get a second rate manager like Howe and will have to swallow it, this club is truly pathetic and dont have a single set of balls between all of them.


We will have to offer a massive package for any chance to get Allegri. I’m talking funds, bring his own staff if he wants, full control to make it a project for him and a very high salary. It at least will give him something to ponder.


Probably would have to be the case because hopefully the powers that bein the club shouldnt be as stupid as to get rid of wenger then keep these inept motherfuckers around it should be a wholesale change not just staff but players too. I think i have heard somewhere that Gazidis HATES how the club is being run and he feels that there should be a certain structure that wenger doesnt like, hence why if that french fucker stays we hear that he will be FORCED to change staff etc.


Personally I’d like to see Simeone at the helm . I think he would shake up this team of losers and turn them back into a winning team that we are crying out for .


A few push and pull factors for Allegri stacking up on both sides here but for me personally I’m wondering whether we’ve already slipped a little too far for Allegri.

Still, buy low and sell high as they say, it’s a gamble for the next guy to take this job but he’ll enter with the massive plus of not being called Arséne Wenger. I think fans WILL be patient with him, for some it may only be for a sense of self-justification that Wenger had to go, but I expect the vast majority to give him time.

God knows Wenger’s had enough chances and that is a unique mindset for our club. The new manager will be well supported (in 19/20 season or whenever it is)


Mad Jens Lehmann .


It’d be interesting to know who’d people prefer and why: Simeone or Allegri


We won’t get either so what’s the point of discussing it?


Moreso than attractive football I feel like his teams play aggressive football. Which we’re going to need in order to maximize where we’re at in the player purchasing pecking order. We need something to wake us up.


Stupid question considering this is a football forum, and I asked the question on a thread speculating the next manager and both have been linked, so why not discuss it?


I think I would start a GoFundMe to fundraise a doubled salary for Allegri to come here.