Who should be the next captain of Arsenal Football Club?


I think in modern day football the captains armband means literally nothing. Give it to whoever and regardless the natural leaders will shine through.


I agree.
When we successful and winning the PL title, our whole team was full of players that were strong charachters and leaders.

But since we have been at the Emirates there have been very few leaders or strong characters and consequently no PL titles.

Adams and Vieira would drag us by the scruff of the neck, when we weren’t playing well, and get something out of a game, and there would be plenty of other players that would do the same.

In recent seasons we have hardly anyone that would do that job, and that’s why we have seen the sort of thrashings we have.
That would never have been allowed to happen with such regularity at Highbury.



Management group? We’ve bagged ourselves the Spanish Southgate lads. 4th place imminent :giroud2:


Another proud tradition being carried on so. :joy:


Ozil as captain :smile:


We all know Pierre is the one true captain


Do we actually have a captain or a leader type personality in this team yet ? I’m not convinced .
Ramsey …? Possibly
Being a grumpy old bastard I can remember the tough captains of seasons passed and this squad ain’t got any !


That’s a poverty leadership group.


Xhaka? Ummmm, no.

FFS We are stuck with this unaware lump, aren’t we?


How can you trust anyone who’s surname begins with an X ?
Wtf that about.


Ffs. I wonder if that means Ramsey won’t sign?


I honestly don’t know what people would expect from the squad we have, this is basically the most logical five considering what we’ve got.


Captains don’t mean shit in 2018.

The best players with or without the armband can grind through all tough conditions over a season, both mentally and physically to lead by example.

These days those players can be the most flamboyant on the pitch, like Hazard, Salah or De Bruyne. The days of figurehead skippers like Vieira, Keane and Gerrard are long gone.




So we have a captain and some vice captains (who’ll probably be ranked, with Cech second and Özil last), nothing really new and out there in that, is there? Or am I missing something?

I thought we were going down the Brentford route for a minute (they actually don’t have a captain and just take it in turns to do the coin toss, lol), which is what i’d rather we do to be honest, especially if we’re just going to continue our tradition of assigning club captain to a player who’s not available anyway.

Captains aren’t that important in football if you have or create a group of leaders. It’s not like, say Cricket – where the captain has an almost manager-like role.