Who should be the next captain of Arsenal Football Club?


We’re not the only club where captains aren’t that recognisable at the moment. A fair chunk of us posting in this thread would probably have to Google who Man Utd’s captain is.


Rambo for sure.


I’d give it Auba. The limited time here doesn’t really mean much to me, you either have leadership qualities or you don’t.

Beyond that Ramsey I guess through desperation. Generally I think the role is captain doesn’t have the same effect it once had in the past.


Wanna see Xhaka shave his head and wax it Jonjo Shelvey style and be given the armband.


That tall guy? Defense? British steel?


Monreal. Not had his best season but even on bad performances he never hides. Ono of the few who is a hundred percenter imo.


Iwobi. Ticks all the leadership boxes


Xhaka can’t even maintain concentration in a match himself, how the fuck could he be expected to keep other players in line when he does things like just stand around while people he should be tracking wander into our box and score?


Yes Xhaka has the personality of a leader but his application on field is severely lacking to consider him a captain.

Infact he will be one of those players we would look to sell in couple of years if we are not already.

Captain perhaps needs to come from one of our purchases in the summer. Don’t think any of current bunch inspire much confidence as Captain.


Because his parents gave HIM the house keys okay??!!


Makes you a leader imo.

If you get charge of the house keys the next step is being in charge of 10 other players.


What is all this house keys shit about?! Haha


Especially as he had an older brother who wasn’t trusted with the keys.

That’s the only qualification you need IMO :grin:

He’s also been captain of two other teams, he was given the armband at a young age too.

Not that I think he should be captain, but he wouldn’t be the worst choice.


Might make him raise his level too


Xhaka deserves it, with Arteta coming in I think he’ll rate Xhaka, having played in similar positions. Xhaka has experience of being captain before and he has that bad boy attitude which Ramsey who is a popular captain choice lacks


How incompetent can his little brother be? Ofcourse you would naturally give the housekeys to the older brother.


His brother is older than him


Yeah that was what i was went to write but i fuckd it up. :xhaka:


The captain of most teams is usually a defensive or midfield player, I know there are exceptions like Henry but generally it’s true, and It is normally a regular first team player.

So as the only guaranteed starters for us are probably going to be attacking players, and the defensive player who played most games for us last season was Xhaka, I suppose that means it would have to be him unless we buy a player that is captain material.


Need a character like Puyol.