Who should be the next captain of Arsenal Football Club?


Could be anyone tbh.

It 100 percent should not be Koscielny tho. Sick of captain’s who never play




I’d be happy with Ramsey.

Good player, seniority, mature and serious. Yeah I’d go for Rambo.




Ramsey is a perfect choice if only I could trust him with actual midfield role.


Xhaka maybe? He plays pretty much every game and I feel he’s more of a leader than Ramsey


Not gonna lie I was thinking Xhaka aswell. Allegri could make him our bastard. Liking him as captain more than Ramsey tbh


+1. Captain Mav has a good ring to it.


I can’t see a captain in our squad, perhaps Auba?. Ramsey tried and failed as captain for Wales.


Ramsey strikes as too passive to be captain tbh, we don’t need a calm type. Xhaka has more balls


Mo Elneny

Xhaka would be an awful choice imo, not the right temperament on the pitch


Mate if his parents gave him the house keys, that’s good enough for me.

Ramsey tho tbh


Captained Gladbach for a couple of seasons though, and has that fire in his belly.


Ramsey has the longevity of being an Arsenal player for 10 years now on his side and naturally you would presume he would be a leader right now. Not sure what influence he has in the squad, but I agree that he comes across as too passive. Xhaka loves riling up the home crowd and seems to be a lot more commanding from his dlp role.

A lot of our team seem really ‘matey’ with each other, it’s going to take someone to call them out when something needs to be said.


Says something when I can’t see captain material in any of them


What about Ozil as captain?

If he’s around enough, that is.


I Likee Likee


Cech would be the obvious answer if he didn’t need replacing. But of all the players likely to play I can’t see any candidate more suitable than Ramsey.

Not that Ramsey is particularly suited, just a lot more suited than the rest.




This is a tough question because I don’t see anyone with the graft and durability to be a good captain on this squad. Probably should be a decent English speaker and someone that plays centrally though. Chambers one day hopefully.