Who should be our number one next season?


Surprised a thread hasn’t already been made on this, seen quite a lot of discussion recently regards to who should be our main man between the sticks.

Cech was bought in as our World class signing after project Szczesny seemingly failed. Cech had a good first season, which saw him win the Golden Glove, all seemed well.

But his second season has been less impressive and many feel his age is starting to catch up with him.

Ospina has been a very solid signing and has produced some great performances, though is mostly limited to cup games. His strength is shot stopping, and better at dealing with penalties than Cech, though that’s not particularly difficult.

And then lastly there’s Szczesny. Young, good penalty stopper, but rather impulsive. When he was sent on loan to Roma for two years in a row, it really seemed like his time with us was coming to an end. But it appears he’s had a new lease of life over in Italy. I won’t profess to know exactly how well he’s done, but it sounds like he’s matured more since his time away. Could he get a second bite at the cherry?

So, we have three very good keepers on the books, all at different stages of their career. But going forwards, who should be the one to lead the keeping line next season?

  • Cech
  • Ospina
  • Szczesny
  • Someone else (State who)

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Cech (just play him in the League Cup)



(I miss hearing that after every goal kick)

But truth be told I don’t really mind who’s #1. Least of our worries imo


I’m not being funny but I couldn’t be bothered thinking about next season until I know who the manager is going to be. Or at least that we won’t have the same manager.


I don’t know. Cech is not the GK which helped Chelsea to win many trophies, Ospina for me hasn’t the body structure to be a top GK, Martinez needs to go on loan to play regularly and Szczesny is playing an outstanding season in Rome but I don’t know if is good enough to conquer a place into the XI.


I’m on Woj, he has his faults but he has the highest ceiling out of those candidates.


With the lame and tame defensive we have right now it won’t matter who stands between the posts. What could be said about all 3 is that they all have good reflexes, but all lack a commanding presence.


I’ve never hid my love for Szczęsny. If we’re not buying another GK, which we probably won’t because according to Wenger we “have three world class goalkeepers”, then from the ones we have Wojciech easily gets my vote! :woj: Who wouldn’t love that face?!


I don’t know if the kid is any good, but I want more French (speaking) players in our squad :wenger:. So I’d say buy Alban Lafont (18-year old GK of Toulouse) and give Szczesny another run during the development of Lafont.


I see what you did there. Have a like. :grinning:


Leno. Top keeper.


For somebody whose supposed to be (really?) good, I do find it be bit odd he is still at Leverkusen, since a lot of bigger clubs have change goalkeepers of the past five years. It doesn’t say anything about it quality, obviously, but still.


Well, he is among the top 10 goalkeepers in Fifa 17, so there you have it.


Wouldn’t be surprised if Leno ends up at ManCity. Just a feeling though, nothing definite.


Trying to get the germans on your side is always a good thing :wink:


Is it though? :smile:


Nah, not really… It wasn’t that great of an idea 100y ago


Hope they have changed a bit their “panzer-kraut-wurstel” attitude :xhaka:


Szczesny seems to have improved significantly over the last year at Roma, his numbers stack up and I like the idea of how he’s kept the shirt over there and maintained big club experience.

Looks like an example of a very successful loan spell to me, let’s not waste that by losing him. Time and energy should be better spent on other areas of the pitch.

Woj comes without risk of non-adaptation to London life, the premier league etc etc

But I suppose it all comes down to if the new manager rates him anyway


Woj for me. Have always been a fan of his but didnt like the way he let himself down by disrepecting the manager with the shower smoking thing, especially after that defeat to Soton.

Now he has had two years abroad at a fairly good team and looks to have improved both on an off the pitch, I’d like to see him back.