Which Arsenal players are giving it their all and which aren't?

So I was watching a documentary about English sides who won 7 out of 8 European Cups in the 70s-80s and one of the main thing that struck me was the work ethic and teamwork of the players. It made me question our players workrate, mind set on and off the pitch. If you look at the Invinsibles you can’t question any of their desire. Same with Fergie’s United sides, he wouldn’t have it. I do question the effort many of our players are putting in. I’m thinking of Walcott casually stating ‘they wanted it more than us’.

Hardest working most commited Arsenal players

Saka / ESR - without question playing out of their skin, they’re actually self actualising their maximum potential. If we had a teamful of players with their mindset and attitude we’d be a top side.

Willock - harder to gauge with most of his minutes coming for Newcastle but I thought he was playing out of his skin for us in the Europa and he seemingly was for them. Whether he’s good enough is questionable. I’d personally like to see him get minutes rather than sell or loan.

Tierney - in the spirit of working class 70s and 80s teams he has a Tesco bag

Elneny - not good enough but will run out of his shirt for his team

Gabriel - no nonsense getting stuck into 50-50s

Least Hard Working

Willian - obviously came here for the money doesn’t give a shit about the club and can’t be arsed

Aubameyang - really seems like his heads dropped after getting the contract. It’s partly tactics but partly he can’t be arsed playing for a mid-table team.

In between

Partey - he’s come here and his level clearly looks to have dropped. I hope he can push on next season.

Pepe - a very timid player with boot loads of talent. I think he’s coming into his own a bit now

Lacazette - puts a shift in but I wish he could get himself in better shape

Bellerin and Xhaka are kind of mute as it looks like they’re off. Bellerin was definitely playing to his potential before the knee injury but he’s lost a step or 2.

I think this could be a thread worth re-addressing through the season.


Are you suggesting we create a pashun index? :gabriel:

Me too, let’s meet back up here a month into the new season and revisit the topic.


There are two players that represent both ends of the spectrum and they are:
Tierney - Giving it his all.

The rest of the squad

Willian - Uses most of his energy every week to push a wheelbarrow with his wages in it to the bank.

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