Where are you going on holiday?


Second Budapest.


Wouldn’t of had Budapest down as a week long holiday kind of thing??


I went there on a family holiday in my teens but even then I saw the potential. Since then I’ve had quite a few mates go there for stags or lads holidays and have nothing but great things to say. Very cheap, attractive women, poorly regulated shooting ranges. I think it’s a serious option mate.

Plus if the weather is good they have some great places to sunbathe and get in the pool on the Danube, if that’s your bag.


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Smartest thing you’ve said in a while, my magical Bulgarian friend!


Going to Wien in august now. Another city i fucking love.


Taking the old man to the Italian grand prix beginning of September so have a long weekend in Milan planned.

I’m all about the food so any recommendations @Luca_from_Italy would be very welcome :joy::+1:


Roasted Chicken


Going back to the Riesenrad? :kroenke:


I must admit i am a bit german/austrian as well. Austria and Germany are cool if you want to relax yourself.


As you are going in Milan, i recommend you cotoletta alla milanese, Milan rice style and ossobuco.


As long as you’ve got a football match to burn at least half of those calories after :joy:


Why is that fried lol.

Edit nvm that’s the cotoletta lol, oh man Milanese cuisine looks awesome


Currently travelling around Europe with an Interrail-ticket for 3 weeks, mostly by night trains.

I’ve been to Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Belgrade, Kotor and Dubrovnik.

Now I’m going to the islands of Korcula and Bol. Split, Zagreb, Ljubljana and finally to Lake Bled.

Never been to any of these countries before and I’m really enjoying it. Wish I would have been to Croatia for the world cup a little earlier though.


What does one those cost these days, looking at the possibility of something like this next year. One last jaunt before getting serious and buying a house :roll_eyes:


Let us know how did it go?

I will take this up next year.


The interrail-ticket cost 200€. Then you will need reservations for sleeper/couchettes on the night trains which cost between 10-30€. If you stay at hostels that’s between 15-25€ per night (there are always cheaper ones though). If you are willing to try out couchsurfing you could also cut these costs. I found places like Prague, Krakow and Budapest (maybe Belgrade as well) were the cheapest. If you are really on a tight budget I would go to Bosnia, Albania and Macedonia instead of Croatia. Montenegro too if you want to go hiking.

Especially Dubrovnik was really pricey and overcrowded and I didn’t enjoy it because of that. Ferries between the islands from Dubrovnik to Split will set you back 15-20€ each.

It’s also very easy to get around by bus in Croatia and the Balkans. You could also hop on a ferry in Italy and then book a cheap flight back from Greece. Or if you don’t mind to drive then rent a camper/VW-Bus. I rented a T5 in Freiburg last year and loved it.

There is also an alternative called the “Balkanticket” for trains, which is a lot cheaper than an interrail-pass.