Where are you going on holiday?


I went to Oslo and thought it was absolutely lovely, was only there for three nights for a wedding and I’d absolutely love to go back. Though when I say back, probably not Oslo but somewhere else in Norway.

But I think that’s one for when I’m middle aged tbh, it was prohibitively expensive, I literally didn’t get drunk once while there cos I honestly didn’t think I could justify the money it would take to do so lol. There are so many places in Europe I could go to before that where my fairly limited funds would go miles and miles further.


Understandable, a bog standard night out would easily cost in the region of £300, a once a month treat and then you’ve got to finish the night with some baconpølse :grin:


Copenhagen is a fantastic long-weekend trip as well. So many of my friends have been asking for recommendations in the last couple of years and they’ve all loved it.

It’s a really cool, funky town and it’s no more expensive than London or any other western capital really.


I did a 2 week long “stage” (what the restaurant industry calls getting chefs to work in high end kitchens for free in return for the experience of working at said high end restaurant) at Noma in København (I like to call it by its real name :joy:) What amazed me was the sheer amount of bicycles you see in use everyday, Denmark is obsessed with them. I visited Aarhus a few times too and it was the same there.


Ahh that’s sick! What was Rene Radzecki like? I think I spelled his last name right haha

Yeah we’re fuckig bike mad but it’s such an easy way to get around so it makes sense


It was hardcore and by far the most difficult job I’ve ever had/done. You nearly got it, Rene Redzepi. To be honest I only ever met him the once as he’s very rarely there but involved with many other projects, seems like a very nice down to earth guy who hasn’t let the “fame” get to his head, he’s just a normal guy who’s hardcore into his food, not just the way it’s tastes but how it’s built and formed on a genetic level. From what I can see on instagram he’s just started his own fermentation laboratory.


That’s cool to hear, yeah he’s got a bit of a brain on him. He’s just always developing stuff it’s nuts.


Currently in Genova. It’s fucking hot. Going to Andalusia tomorrow though!


Luca plz change that avi. Sick of looking at the mouth breather. Should be a banable offence to have a spurs avatar!!!



Where abouts in andalucia are you man?


Literally happy doing fuck all and proper fuck all at that!


Rota near Cadiz. Beautiful beaches :heart:


I am watching Iron Maiden live today! So excited!


Fucking great show! Simply the best!


Need holiday destination suggestions guys… 4 lads end of september. Looking for a healthy medium between decent night out and places to eat but not full gun ho get fucked up style (Ibiza/maga etc).

We were considering hvar in croatia. But temperature seems to drop quite fast towards end of September. Any tips?


Crete will be good weather at that time.


Like @Gladiator, I was going to say Crete as well.
It’s hot in September and even October.
It depends what part of the island you go to, but avoid Malia, it’s a dump.
I worked in Crete for a few years and there’s plenty to do, and it’s not too expensive either.


Athens was a really fun night out with me and my boys for a mates stag do.

Malta is good fun too!