Where are you going on holiday?


Check money supermarket I guess, you can look at all the different deals they have.

Sorry if you’ve already thought of that haha


Just risk it and if anything happens don’t go the hospital until the 9th. Live wild man!


That would be the most nerve wracking 12 hours of my life haha


Maybe I’m reckless or irresponsible but seriously this is exactly what I’d do


I’ve never had travel insurance. Although my wife has it with her current account and it covers family so I guess when I’m on holiday with her now I’m covered.


Yeah tbh that’s what I’d do haha.


risk it. its only 1 day bruv. seize the day - YOLO etc.


Ye hardy Viking blood is strong man, OWN IT.


I’ve travelled to America quite a lot in the last 10 years and if there’s one place you don’t want to get caught without travel insurance, it’s there haha

Otherwise I’ve never really needed it


Ended up getting two days coverage with STA for £26!

Didn’t think that was bad at all, especially given the cost to myself if something had gone wrong even though I’ll be on a plane for most of it haha


I said the opposite initially, but I didn’t give fair consideration to the fact that you would be in America. If something somehow did happen to you and you needed to go hospital you would have been totally fucked lol


Hahaha yeah! It’s not like I’m off to Germany or Denmark. Even if it’s just 12 hours without coverage I didn’t want to risk it.

My friend dislocated her elbow in the us and her hospital bill was $22,000 for a couple hours in the hospital! She had to pay $8,000 of that herself because the doctor that set her elbow wasn’t covered by her insurance company :neutral_face:


If you guys were to do a month long Euro trip say 4-5 countries, how much would you budget?


Depends on what you want, are you staying in hostels or hotels? Are you back packing? Eating out and drinking every night?

I did something similar 7 or 8 years back via an inter rail train across from Paris into Brugges and then Amsterdam and from Amsterdam you’ve got a really good hub airport that services loads of other European cities quite cheaply,. In total I did France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany for around £4.5k and that was doing it on the cheap, staying in hostels and using buses to cross borders into other countries where possible.


Depends on the countries too. The Scandinavian countries can be very expensive even for a trip to just Denmark and Sweden. I’d imagine you could visit southern Europe on a much cheaper budget


Scandinavia is expensive. Sweden probably the least of the three, Norway the most expensive. Think £15 for a beer, £10 for snacks on the go and at least £25/30 for a big standard main course in a restaurant.

I will say though, Norway is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit, followed very closely by Iceland.


I’ve been to Norway once and absolutely loved it! Definitely hope to visit again soon. Not only is the country beautiful but the people are among the nicest and most down to earth I’ve come across. I met some people there who loved their premier league football, and had my drinks paid for me by a fe w guys because I was an Arsenal fan :joy:


The Premier league is huge there, more so than the tippeligaen. Everybody has a PL team. Bergen and Oslo also have arsenal supporters clubs and I always used to go to the one where we’d meet in Bergen to watch the games. The people are super down to earth like you said and I’ve never been anywhere where you can look in any direction and always see beautiful people.

A beautiful place whatever time of year you go, and then there’s longyearbyen on Svalbard…

Not quite sure why I moved back to the UK to be honest :joy:


It’s the best country I’ve been to.
i’ve got friends there, and have stayed with them a few times, and generally the people are really friendly.
There’s an Arsenal bar in Oslo that I’ve been to, and for some reason there seems to be a bit of support for us out there.
If I could live in any country it would be there, but it is very expensive.


It’s all relative though, base salaries are much higher and there’s a huge focus on a work life balance.
I could wax lyrical all day long about the benefits of living in that country but I won’t bore you. It’s an awesome place!