Where are you going on holiday?


Bucatini with? :smile: I see you are enjoying it! Nice one mate!


Going to Rota from 9th to 14th of july! Andalucia my love :heart: @will24 @AbouCuellar


London and Scotland this year around the 2nd/3rd week of August.
Any idea on if our opening home game of the season will go on general sale considering a lot of people will still be out on their holidays?


My guess would be no. Bound to be lots of interest in post Wenger Arsenal + normal new season hype.


Ah great. Thanks. Exchange service it is then, unless there’s really a better way.

I should really read the ticket guide thread.


Off to Sydney again for a footy weekend this time, probably have to drunkenly head to the Casino at midnight to watch France vs Argentina.


Finally the beach!


But Luca the world cup is at 3? You gonna miss it?!


Shetland Islands, with a view to relocate there.


For once :wink:


Hand your football fan card back please. :wink:


Ottawa. Paid for by my daughter. She loves her dad! :slight_smile:


Misses don’t fly so we holiday in Brighton…

Here is our room;

Just been refurbished so looking forward to going back.

I love Brighton. Had a flat there as a kid and have always found myself drawn back any chance I get. Where else can you go into an off licence at 1.00am and get a beer and there is so little trouble there. Food and drink is superb on and off a budget and I love being near the sea.

Great places to stay there are this place. Hilton and The Kings or Queens (get to use top saunas and steam rooms and pools etc)

On that - I must get back to my pole dancing class or the misses gonna miss her summer “mid air windmill” dance and we cant have that.


Boarding a flight to Vancouver in about 25 mins. Lovely city, lovely people. Going to Whistler for 3 nights as well, beautiful scenery and shit I’ve heard.


Sounds fucking stellar! I’ve never been to Canada but it’s high on my list. How long is the flight?

Closest I’ve been to that type of North American scenery is Telluride in Colorado and that is arguably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.


Nice, I’ve always fancied a little jaunt there.

For some reason slightly isolated places like this fascinate me.

This time next week will be boarding a flight to Turkey for a some proper relaxation. Its been a hectic 6 months so far.


I’ve always wanted to go to Telluride. How long were you there for mate?


I was there for a week in the summer in 2016. It was fantastic, so warm and just stunning. Road tripped down from Denver with my girlfriend and her dad, stepmom and an aunt and uncle.

There was loads to do even without snow since there were a ton of hiking and mountain biking trails to go on. Plus some cool little towns like Durango nearby and just beautiful views along the roads. And telluride as a town itself is quite cute with some nice bars and restaurants and shops. I was able to watch all the Euro 2016 games there haha

Big fan! Would love to go back, summer or winter. It also has the longest all-year gondola network in the world.


These days you can get a 10 hour direct flight to Vancouver, at least from Glasgow here. Toronto even less I assume.

Air Transat is a shitty airline but they’re cheap.

@Sol Whistler is amazing, mainly a winter ski resort but it becomes so buzzing in the summer as people go to the resort to just chill.

If you want a tough ass hike and are into that shit, try Black Tusk

Also hit up Surrey, which is right next door to Vancouver, plenty of ‘aapne banday’ :henry2: lots of Punjabi culture and a huge community there, maybe go play some field hockey there :arteta:

I’ve never been to Vancouver island but have always wanted to go.

The scenery in BC is some of the best I have ever seen, the Canadian people are famously lovely and these days they get heatwaves in their summers. you’ll love it!


Can anyone recommend an affordable travel insurance?

I’m going to New York for 2 weeks for orientation for a new job I’m starting in London, but unfortunately their insurance only kicks in on the 9th July and I have to travel over on the 8th July.

So I literally need cover for just one day, but I’ve never booked travel insurance through a British company before so I don’t even know where to start looking haha (I always used to get travel insurance through a Danish company my parents used)