Where are you going on holiday?


@SRCJJ, try “coda alla vaccinara”.


Back to Hungary and the ruin bars…


Maybe I’ll see you over the weekend :smiley:



Is that Bondi beach?
I went there a few years ago.
Although I thought Manly beach was great as well.
Sydney is probably the best city I’ve been to.


Yeah Bondi bud I’m here for the week, yes Manly is awesome also. I like Sydney a lot but will never say it’s better than Melbourne :joy:.


Quite annoyingly I can’t upload one of the photos in full resolution because of the size of it so I had to upload a shitty quality version of the photo.


I fly out Saturday morning but if you’re around I’ll buy you a beer :beer:

In the meantime…


Damn, I could murder a mojito right now.

I’m so susceptible to suggestion lol


Oh god that mojito looks good


Hahah yes!!!

It’s been boiling here today so a few of those were very welcome, after trudging around all day.
My friend thinks there’s something wrong with me, but I give no fucks :joy:


I fly in on Saturday around noon :slight_smile:
Vicissitudes of Faith.


If your mate is drinking a fucking Aperol spritz they’ve got no right to be talking shit


Vicissitudes is one of my favourite words. Top work mate


That’s a fucker, I’m out early Saturday.

Exactly what I said, this Aperol Spritzer tastes like shit. Gonna get back on those tonight.

Quite partial to a strawberry daiquiri too :eyes:


You might have gone too far there mate. Where are your fucking testicles?


Ban him.


Fuck you guys :joy:

4/10 for this one


How many fucking straws do you need in your drinks you Earth polluting queerbo!!!



I know, sorry dude but I didn’t make the drink :grimacing: