Where are you going on holiday?


This is probably a legitimately useful question for @SRCJJ lol


Probably. They do like fat food in Rome.


Brisbane for a day yesterday ( for the footy to watch my team get thumped ) and then flew to Sydney. Staying in Bondi for 5 nights as the mrs is having breast surgery.



Just touched down in Rome @Luca_from_Italy I’m staying a 5 minute walk from the Travestere.


Amazing pics!


Not even a like from Luca. Shunned you man :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing he hates Rome


If Luca is going to stop giving out likes it’s incumbent on others to make up for it


Haha let me try it again…

I’ve just touched down in Rome @Luca_from_Italy


It’s been 2 hours.
Are you alive @Luca_from_Italy?


Probably at work :slight_smile:


Go there to eat. There are some nice spaghetti restaurants.


I was working.



Pesto with pine nuts and basil leaves on top? Overkill isn’t it? Kind of like putting chicken in an omelet.


Is it pesto? Was it good? You should try carbonara in Roma though :smile:


Last time I attempted to make carbonara it was not pretty. I need to spend some time with someone’s Roman grandmother to help me out. I fucking loooove carbonara, but it’s a pain in the ass to make.


I don’t eat pork so I’m not sure the carbonara is the dish for me my friend. But yeah, I love pesto so it was nice to try here. You can recommend other dishes


Sorry mate, forgot about it. So you cannot eat the famous “porchetta” as well.