Where are you going on holiday?


Just got back from Florence. Wonderful city, perhaps my favourite, and Tuscany is a superb region of Italy!

Next up Barcelona in September!


Prague is awesome. Enjoy brah.


Seville and Genua coming thick and fast. Let’s see who wins the summer in the end :wink:


Switzerland was fun (still don’t like the Swiss though, stick up their arse the whole lot of them).


Amazing shot dude, maybe I should learn to get over my fear of heights.


Haha, I’ll take Seville over Barcelona for sure!


It was awesome! The instructor took it on her GoPro4 which probably helped haha

I have a fear of heights too but the idea of flying like that was too tempting and honestly, apart from the first 5 seconds where you run off the cliff edge and take off, it wasn’t scary at all.

It was extremely tranquil and peaceful up there and totally fucking stunning. It was an amazing experience and towards the end, if you want to, they do loops and sharp turns and shit which are exhilarating.


Interlaken by any chance?


Yep well spotted!

Nothing but Arabs and Chinese these days though. There was a woman in a full burka paragliding after me which I thought was quite impressive haha


Interlaken is delightful, my uncle has a cabin up there and I love visiting.


A suit, alcoholic beverage, Switzerland, parachuting… Literally 007. :giroud3:


Dress alright you mate


Cheers pal! Not even particularly expensive either (imo).

£30 Uniqlo chinos.
£50 Uniqlo dry stretch blazer.
£20 Uniqlo Oxford shirt.
£40 Converse.

Pretty decent for an outfit that was not out of place at a fancy restaurant and cocktail bar with my girlfriend and her family.


This boy’s quite the dapper dan(e) :sunglasses:


Went to to uniqlo to get kitted out with smart casual stuff for my new job, was pretty impressed with what was on offer.

I was less impressed with my boss who told me it was smart casual in the office, only to turn up and see everyone in jeans and trainers lol


:sunglasses: Barcelona is too mainstream, imo.


Went to the Isle of Wight last weekend and just got back from Margate this weekend. As I was until recently a student/unemployed I’ve had no trips abroad booked in for the summer, so me and the girlfriend have decided to have a couple of weekends away in good ole Blighty. It’s dawned on me recently that for an English person I know fuck all about this green and pleasant land, and have decided to make an effort to see a bit more of the country.

British seaside resorts truly are weird places. The Isle of Wight is gorgeous, my mum has moved down there recently with her partner so we thought we’d go and see them. But as you expect of an island, it’s a very insular little place. I’ve been twice now and still haven’t seen a single person who isn’t white haha.

Margate is a bit of a dump sadly, seems like a really typical example of your typical rundown British seaside town. You can see just how prosperous it once was, loads of elegant Victorian houses along the seaside in various states of disrepair. Had a lovely time though, and ate some absolutely sensational seafood yesterday, I’m a sucker for some good whitebait.

Thinking that that’s enough seaside for me for a while, think the next trip might be to the New Forest or the Scottish Highlands. Would appreciate any suggestions for inland rural places to visit.


Likewise, the Scottish highlands are on my to do list for next spring! I’d like to visit more of the British isles as I’m yet to leave England in that respect :laughing:

And as a fan of whiskey I guess I should hit up Scotland asap!


Come next weekend I will have been to 3/4 as I am going to Swansea next weekend for my friends family stag weekend


Sounds awesome.