Where are you going on holiday?


Basically this @YJYUX , I don’t use social networks and have a stupid paranoia about someone from my real life stumbling upon a photo here and realising that I have a few thousand posts here, and well, I use this site to relax, not to create myself stress so better to take them down. [quote=“YJYUX, post:278, topic:260”]
Also, is Seville much of a holiday destination or more a City that you can stop and pass through after a few days?

You can do both, really, I suppose it’s more of a tourist destination for the spanish during easter week especially, as the Feria de Abril is a famous/classic celebration. But it’s a beautiful town, with beautiful women and fun Andalucians who talk with funny accents, and certainly attracts its fair share of tourists…also for the cathedral. Just not the type of tourist who’s looking for gaudy beach parties and instagram posts I suppose, though definitely every time I’m there I’ve run into a number of Germans or people from the north of Europe/U.S./UK who want to enjoy the Andalucian nightlife and sun. But it’s a small city, so yeah, if you should want, it’s quite viable to do it and Córdoba (like a 45 min train ride from Sevilla), for instance (to see the Mosque), in 2-3 days.


Thanks for the info chaps!

Was thinking of doing a short break to Spain possibly later this year, and considered Barcelona from recommendations but I hate crowded places in all honesty. Seville sounds great for me and the missus! Not sure she’d appreciate the beautiful women though :santi2: Brazil has a big score through it as a possible destination for this purpose haha.


Spent the 4th of July along the Oregon Coast… stunning place…


Oregon is so fucking beautiful, it blows my mind.


Looks like England that.


Similar weather… it was 15c last night during the fireworks. We were bundled up.


Just got home, 4th of July in Tahoe was lit. They say one of the top 5 fireworks shows in the entire country too, MURICAH FUCK YEAH! I know none of you europeans will ever make it out here, but I would highly recommend it if you are interested in fishing, hiking, boating, and more murican stuffs.


Just beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Finally some relax! :wink:


Where are u Luca?


I’m jealous Luca! Here in my sweaty appartment.


Grado, a famous tourist place located on an island in Northeast Italy.




the face of a man that likes everything


Cheers mate.


Relaxing at the beach again listening to Linkin Park :heart_eyes:


Grado beach :wink:


Where is everybody? :smiley:


Going to Prague on Wednesday for my stag.


Just too far away from here :stuck_out_tongue: