When did you want Arsene Wenger gone?


It’s Wenger. It’s always been Wenger.


I definitely don’t agree. Arsenal have always been reluctant to spend, and Kroenke has always been satisfied with mediocrity across all his teams.

We won’t sign a top manager, which I think is the misconception a lot of fans have. I think it’s entirely possible our next manager will be Steve Bould. Or if not, then a manager that is on the way up, rather than an established name. I think we’d struggle to attract anyone with a proven reputation at the top level. Our club is not set up like a modern club, and whoever comes in has a huge job to do, and maybe an impossible one. Nobody with a big reputation is going to want to risk it on a chance like us.


Can’t remember the date but I clearly remember it was the 64,784th time he said “mental strenght”. 64,785 was just a bit too much to handle!


Kroenke’s other teams are in crappy markets (changed recently with football team move) and in leagues with salary caps… if you understand American sports, you know the history of owners and “activist” owners and know it doesn’t f*ing help, in fact it often makes it worse b/c of caps… you have to actually manage your money and in Basketball it is so massively affected by a very small number of superstars, who generally gravitate to a few markets (not Denver).

Anyway, this is such a tired and ignorant narrative. Unless you want us to operate at a loss, the whole f*ing blame falls upon AW and maybe to a degree on Gazidis assuming he has ANY influence at all on transfers (which I highly doubt). This is all on AW unless you want us to operate at a loss - why don’t people just own up to that FFS?


Well. Here we have an example of a valid point being undermined by infantile delivery. Kroenke’s other markets are very different to the one Arsenal operate in - yep, fine I take your point there, there is an unknown about how Kroenke would behave with a manager that pressed for greater ambition in the transfer market, or who had a significantly different approach to managing the team. (Though, given the evident lack of pressure on Wenger to change policy from above, it would seem unlikely that Kroenke would sanction signing such a manager in the first place).

However, that point does not support the conclusion that the fault for the rut Arsenal are stuck in falls solely on Arsene Wenger. Just because you choose to express your point in the style of “Waaaaah FFS, it’s all Wenger’s fault waaaaaaaaaah FFS the whole fucking thing is his fault” doesn’t mask the lack of validity in the conclusion you’ve drawn.


He lets sport people run sporting matters, like any situation where he owns companies he doesn’t have operating experience or direct intimate involvement. If you’ve been an executive with a bod you see same exact thing play out. AW has virtually full authority to operate all footballing-related matters.

I would agree and have ad nauseum that if you want to blame Kroenke there at two possible ways to do so:

  1. demand spending at a loss, and
  2. demand removal of AW

Frankly 2) is essentially by definition saying AW is to blame and 1) is harder to parse blame out b/c it is unclear if AW would be aggressive enough with spending anyway b/c it doesn’t appear like he utilizes even the financial might we have at our disposal NOW.

I’d also point out that while we are incredibly frustrated that AW is still in charge, I have some sympathy for ownership who are patient with our greatest ever manager who did guide us successfully through a very difficult financial period. Do I agree? No, but I can see a bit of logic in the tact, and it really isn’t in owners financial interest to see us decline. As swissramble has said, there are even signs our lack of aggressiveness are potentially affecting us negatively commercially.

As for delivery, just find it a lazy narrative that has been regurgitated here a few times.


I agree with both of these points.
There is no way Kroenke is going to get a manager like Mourinho who will want to come in and completely overhaul the first team.
Kroenke will want someone who won’t rock the boat and do everything on the cheap.

I’m not sure he will go for Bould, but he could certainly go for a younger manager who has had relative success with a smaller club, like Howe, Wagner, Dyche, Hughton, Silva, etc.
Or he could go for a more experienced manager like Benitez or Martinez just to do a job like Moyes and LVG did at Man U, and we all know how well that turned out.

As much as I think Wenger is far too indecisive and reluctant to change, when clearly it’s necessary, Kroenke completely lacks any ambition other than making a profit.
He is more likely to want to keep a steady challenge on the Europa League places than going for the PL title or CL, simply because the investment involved in that would be too much for him.

He is making massive profits out of the club, and that’s not going to change, so why should he?


Can’t see Stan being remotely involved in picking our next manager tbh.


I don’t even want Kroenke to pick the person who is going to be picking our next manager.


He didn’t. Gazidis will be the main decision maker.


Let’s hope Gazidis is like David Dein and shows a bit of imagination and ambition.


Every time I take a breath.


Glad to see most people are saying 15/16, thats spot on for me as well. That summer when we only signed Cech and then came second to Leicester was fucking criminal.

I had started to doubt Wenger strongly in 2014 though, particularly when we looked set to miss the top 4 and just scrambled into it before winning that mad cup final against Hull. When we won it I was okay with him having another contract at the time (I honestly thought it’d be his last), but now I just can’t support that.


Started a new FM game with Arsenal today. Wenger appointed Director of Football by the board :man_facepalming:t3:


2011 cup final was close to being the final straw, as the nature of the capitulation really was an indictment of how weak we’d been in previous years, only to reach a final in a false dawn moment and then do that.

2011/12 ish I wavered and most people - certainly on this forum, altho I was dipping in and out - were not WOBs. The Özil signing I figured might be a catalyst for change but still hoped he’d go out on a high and not re-sign after Hull 2014. Sanchez was another brief spike but really I’ve fully wanted him to leave since 2014 and been irritated by him since 2011


Since 1996. I told you it was a bad idea hiring a nobody from Japan.